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Did not receive my 3 signups at 3in7

This is just a quick update on my adventure with 3in7. I was very optimistic about getting the 3 signups at GDI for free, after just a few days at 3in7 I received my first signup. Well, after that everything stopped. I have still only received one signup from 3in7, and my seven days are over. So, what did I do?

I had three options:

1) They send me a $10 check.
2) They leave me in rotation until I get 3 either with their help or on my own.
3) I can get a $15 advertising credit at

Instead of asking for my $10 check, I told them that I wanted to stay in rotation. I thought why not, sooner or later I might get the two extra people. So, I am still going at it and I will be keeping you updated on how my adventure with 3in7 goes. I have not received any answer from 3in7 yet… and I am leaving for a four day holiday. So, I guess you won´t be getting any updates from me until tuesday May 1st.

Update: I have received an e-mail from 3in7 and it was ok for me to stay in the rotator.

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