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Describing The Ideal Job

Currently, I’m working for the Norwegian government. Well, it might sound a lot more exciting than it actually is.

I’m working for a public college. The work is interesting, I’m not writing this to complain., because working for the governement is not what you might think.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some negative aspects of working for the government. I won’t tell them to you.

Now, thinking about my job, and thinking about your job or your future job, how do you describe the ideal job?

I think it’s best described by asking questions.

How to do your job

It’s important to think about how you want to be working. If you want to be working at an office, using a computer, or outside.

Where to work

Do you want to work close to your home, or even at your home, or doesn’t it matter where you work.

When to do your job

Do you enjoy working at night, do you enjoy working 9 to 5, or do you want flexible hours?

How many hours

How much time do you want to spend working, it sounds great to be working only 2 hours a day and only 5 days a week. Or what about a 4 hour work-week?

How much vacation

I have 5 weeks vacation every single year. It’s important to me that I get no less than 5 weeks, I’d rather have more, but less would be a problem.


Do you want to work alone, do you want a few co-workers, or many?

strong>Boss or no boss

Do you want to be your own boss, or is it ok to have one boss, or more than one boss?


I guess you’d like to earn as much money as possible doing your job, but on the other hand, how much money do you really need in order to live a happy life?

Job security

If you’re working for the government, you could be working there for life. It’s one of the most secure jobs you’ll have. If you’re working for a small company, your job might not be as secure. And I guess it all depends on what line of work you’re in.


Most people would like to work with something that they have a passion for. If you have passion for your work, the results are better, and you probably spend a lot more time working.

Working at home

For a long time, I’ve been thinking that working at home, being self-employed, would be the ideal job. It could be as an author, a professional blogger, or anything really… because it wasn’t the content of the job that was ideal, it was something else.

It sounds awesome to be working at home, by myself, earning enough money to get by. It’s the freedom, the flexibility really. It would be great to get up in the morning, do some research, write a few blog posts, surf the net, and finish work by 10 a.m. On the other hand, what would I do the next 6 hours, 5 days a week (30 hours a week)?

I’m not sure if I can picture myself working from home anymore, even though it sounds like the ideal job. At the moment, I’m not sure how to describe the ideal job other than that it includes freedom and flexibily. Freedom and flexibility will probably always be the top of my priorities when it comes to jobs.

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