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How are you delivering your blog posts to your readers?

I’ve written about the switch from Feedburner to Feedblitz. Now, I’m thinking about another switch. But, I want to ask you a question first. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I still haven’t decided what to do. So, here’s the question.

How are you delivering your your blog posts to your readers?

Let me explain.

At the moment, you can subscribe to my RSS feed via Feedblitz. That’s how I deliver the content to my regular readers. You can also subscribe to my newsletter, and that’s how you’ll get some unique articles (articles you won’t find on my blog) and once in a while, you’ll get a notificiation about a new blog post. I also do some updates via social media, mainly Twitter, Facebook, G+ and LinkedIn. That’s it.

Sending blog posts via email

As I’m writing this, I’ve been publishing new blog posts every single day of the week. I haven’t sent out a broadcast to my email subscribers with all the new blog posts. I just don’t want them to receive too many emails. On the other hand, I want all my subscribers to get all my content. I am using AWeber to publish my newsletter and to send broadcasts.

Thinking about people who’re unsubscribing has been an issue for me. I know it really shouldn’t bother me. The people who enjoy my content will stay and continue to read it. But, every negative comment and every person who unsubscribes does have an effect on me. That’s why I don’t try to push my content.

I’ve been thinking about sending one email a week, with an overview of everything that’s been going on and links to all the posts I’ve published during the week. Does that sound like something you’d want?

Your experience

How are you delivering your content? Are you using Feedburner or Feedblitz, and are you sending emails to your subscribers with every new blog post, or are you doing something completely different?

Let’s discuss it in the comments.

26 responses to “How are you delivering your blog posts to your readers?”

  1. Bren Lee says:

    I subscribe via Bloglovin to my sites. I’m one that despises emails so I generally won’t sign up that way or to newsletters. I’m sure though it wouldn’t matter to those who subscribe via email but I could be wrong. Be interested in seeing what your readers say.

  2. UnveiltheWeb says:

    Hi Jens-Petter,

    Interesting conversation and one that is really a big deal. I have been using Feedburner and I’m happy with it and with every post I have giving my readers and option to subscribe to an email that will notify them whenever I have a blog post.

    What’s most interesting to me is I’ve been fortunate to have built a blog community that when they see it on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter they just start coming and commenting. there are about forty regulars I have that leave comments and it seems to be growing by three to six every week now.

    I think it has a lot to reciprocity though. I read a lot of blogs and leave a lot of comments that I hope will be helpful to both readers and blog owners.

    In all, my strategies are working great and I’m really blessed.

    Great post. I’m sharing via Twitter.

    I hope you have a strong finish to your week!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Hi Don,

      I have thought a lot about reciprocity. When I comment a lot, I do see an increase in the comments on my blog. So, it absolutely works. I haven’t been able to build a strong following on social media for my own blog. But, I’m using Triberr and that works great.

      I’ll take a closer look at your website later today.

      Thanks for your comment Don.


      • UnveiltheWeb says:

        Hi Jens-Petter,

        What is happening with me on social media has been very organic. In connecting with some influencers over the last four months I’ve seen G+, Facebook and Twitter grow big time and engagement is excellent. Conversions to my website and blog have exploded as well.

        The strategy is to be social by sharing them inside my blog articles with links by talking about them when appropriate and then tagging only those I add in my articles on social media. And when I read their blogs I share them out with comments on social media.

        It’s been a great strategy and now I’m being invited more and more to guest blog on influential blogs as well.

        I hope that helps you bit?

        ~ Don

        • Hi Don,

          Hmm, that got me thinking. It sure is something I’ll be testing. I know I would be honored if someone mentioned me inside a blog post, and if I was tagged on social media as well. I wouldn’t just read it, I would most likely comment as well. Great tips.



          • UnveiltheWeb says:

            The key is to initiate and do it with them first. As you build a reputation for being a sharer, they will start really coming around. My articles actually get more comments with age than when they are posted. Usually within a day there are 10 – 20 comments. Within a few weeks 50 – 60 and just over month there are around 100. Just check them out and see that they are really significant comments, not two or three sentences.

            It’s all in the value you bring and who you connect with.

  3. Josh says:

    Jeg tilbyr Feedblitz og eller folk kan abonnere pƄ bloggen via Jetpack abonnement. Disse alternativene synes Ƅ fungere godt .

    Now you have to tell me if that makes sense in Norwegian. It is supposed to be like this:
    I offer Feedblitz and or people can subscribe to the blog via the Jetpack subscription. Those options seem to work well.

    • Hey Josh,

      Your Norwegian was close to perfect. I’m impressed, not sure if I’m impressed with you or Google Translate though šŸ™‚

      I’m also using Feedblitz and it seems to be working good. I haven’t tried Jetpack. What do you get with that plugin? Will people who subscribe via Jetpack receive an email when you publish new posts?

      • Josh says:

        Google Translate is pretty good sometimes. šŸ˜‰

        Jetpack is a plugin that provides a variety of services that you can activate, one of them is an email service that provides readers with your new posts.

        • Every example I’ve seen from people using Google translate to translate a language into Norwegian, it has been impressive. It’s close to perfect, but that’s with short sentences. I guess, if you’d try to write a paragraph with many sentences and some really long ones, I would have seen some mistakes šŸ™‚

          I’ll take a closer look at Jetpack. Thanks!

  4. Tim Bonner says:

    I don’t use Feedblitz or Feedburner Jens. I just have the feed straight from my blog. It does mean I can’t see stats but I generally don’t bother too much about people subscribing by RSS.

    I send out an email once a week to my subscribers to tell them about any blog posts I’ve published. It’s not automated though. I used to send an automatic email but I don’t think people really engage with those things.

    I send out a second email which doesn’t have any links in it and is more personal. It’s helping to get some engagement from subscribers. I also use CoSchedule to promote my blog posts on social media channels. I have a set strategy that I use for every blog post.

    • That’s interesting Tim. I have been either using Feedburner og Feedblitz since I started blogging. But, I never look at the stats either.

      The thing now, is that I am publishing every day, and I don’t want to send an email every time I publish, it seems a bit too much.

      Is your strategy different for every blog post, or is it the same?

      • Tim Bonner says:

        I send an email every Monday with information about posts that I’ve published the previous week and invite people to comment on my blog. I try to engage with people each week and get them over to comment or reply to me by email.

        On a Thursday or Friday I also send a personal email to get to know people better. On top of that, I sometimes also send a follow up email if they’ve clicked on any links in my email from Monday, particularly if I’m promoting something that week.

        I’m planning to set up autoresponders to send out emails with details of archive posts every couple of weeks or perhaps once a month. That way, people will only get a maximum of three emails from me, although in most weeks it will only be two.

        • That sounds like an awesome plan Tim. I believe 2-3 emails is the maximum at what people would appreciate. I have been sending 1-2 mostly, and several people unsubscribe each time I send an email. I know that’ll always happen, but I’m trying to limit the amount of people who unsubscribe.

          I haven’t thought about sending emails with links to old posts, but that’s a great idea. It’s important though, that we don’t send the emails at the same day, for new content and the old content. Do you have a plan for that, how you’ll be using autoresonders and manually sending the emails. Will you send the auto messages on specific days?

  5. Like Tim, I just have the feed from my blog. I’ve never paid much attention to my RSS numbers. My focus for AOBO will be email.

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