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Are you delivering your blog posts via email?

Most people I’ve talked to are still checking their inbox every single day, and it seems that they’re checking it many times on a daily basis. In fact, it seems that most of the people I’ve talked to, are used to that their e-mail clients are open in the background while they’re working. When I’ve asked them, they told me that they react every time they hear the sound of a new e-mail. It might not be the most productive way to work, but that’s what they’re doing. And, that’s important for us to know.

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I’m not asking you if that’s what you’re doing. I’m just saying that, most people are still using e-mail on a regular basis, and that we should consider e-mail marketing as a powerful way to deliver our content.

I’m using Sanebox to filter my email, this means that I don’t have that many e-mails in my inbox. I don’t spend as much time with e-mail as I used to, but I still consider it very important. I check e-mail at least three times a day, and I try to reply to all the e-mails I receive within 24 hours.

How do you deliver your blog posts?

I subscribe to blogs via RSS and I use Feedly and ReadKit. It works great, but I follow the most important blogs via e-mail. This means that I receive an email every time the blog is updated. The reason I want to subscribe via e-mail is because I don’t won’t to forget a blog post.

Do you subscribe to any blogs via e-mail?

I am using FeedBlitz to deliver my blog posts via e-mail. I have thought about using AWeber, but so far, the only content I deliver via AWeber is my newsletter.

Subscribe to my blog via e-mail (Feedblitz).

Feedblitz delivers the blog post, exactly as I’ve written it. But, I’ve been thinking about writing a personal message instead, deliver it via e-mail and linking it to the post on my blog. Maybe that’s a better method?

I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. What do you prefer?

And, how are you delivering your blog posts?

6 responses to “Are you delivering your blog posts via email?”

  1. Bren says:

    I will probably be one of the exceptions but I don’t follow email, I prefer RSS using Feedly or Bloglovin. I also follow some on FB. I just prefer not to have them in my inbox but I do know a lot of people that use only email to Subscribe. I tried at one time, but then again, I’m kind of weird about all that email in my box. 🙂

    Interesting post Jens!

    • Hi Bren.

      That’s interesting. I don’t follow many blogs via e-mail either, just the blogs I can’t afford to miss. I read most blog posts via RSS. But, the reason I wrote this post is because I know how important e-mail is for myself, and I’m thinking that a lot of people prefer it.

      On the other hand, we all do get a lot of e-mail, and it’s getting harder and harder to grab readers’ attention inside the inbox as well. I’m using Sanebox to filter everything, that’s how much e-mail I’m receiving 🙂

      Thanks for your comment Bren.

      – Jens

  2. Lisa says:

    Jens, thanks for the reminder. I’ve been lax on sending out emails, it’s like doing another blog post for me but it is an important piece of the marketing we need to do.
    I do follow many blogs via email and get many others like yours through Triberr stream.
    There are so many ways to view them, I get many from the various social media sites too but email is still key and it’s always there til you delete it 🙂 (Where it loses fast in the social streams)…..
    Thanks Jens!

    • That’s true Lisa. I’m following a lot of blogs, some via e-mail and some via Triberr, and others via regular RSS. I know that I always read e-mail, and I’ll never forget to read a blog post if I receive it in my inbox – that’s why I have started to focus on this again. I’m not using e-mail enough though.

      Thanks for your comment Lisa.

      – Jens

  3. sherman smith says:

    Hey Jens,

    I didn’t figure out sending emails to tell my subscribers about my latest blog post until last year after 3 years of writing blog posts. But I tell you it makes a difference. I tried out the RSS feed which work, but I like sending broadcast emails a lot better. One thing I like most is that I can make each broadcast more personal to my subscribers so they feel I’m talking to them individually. I get a better response with this approach as oppose to just sending an email talking my latest post.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and what you do! Have a great week!

    • Hey Sherman,

      I still don’t do it the way I should. I keep writing my newsletter, and I’m publishing it once a week. But, when I’m writing a new blog post, I’m thinking about sending an email, but I “always” end up thinking that my subscribers have already received too much information from me. So, it ends up as a draft, and I’m thinking that I’ll send one next week instead 🙂

      I usually get a better response with email as well. But, I’m always asking myself questions before sending it, and I’m looking at the people who’ve unsubscribed and I’m thinking that I shouldn’t send it – I don’t won’t people to unsubscribe. I know it’s impossible to make all people happy, but it’s something I’m struggling with.

      Thanks for commenting Sherman.

      – Jens

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