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Definition of Affiliate Marketing

I thought I’d let you know a few words about affiliate marketing, and I will also give you a definition of affiliate marketing.

Let me start out with defining affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is actually a way to make money by “working” for others. It’s like a partnership between a salesperson (you) on the Internet and a business (on the Internet). Every time the sales person gets another person to perform a specific action (usually buy something, but it could also be something like filling out a survey or just clicking on an advertisement) then the business pays that salesperson a specific amount of money.

My point is; another person have to take some sort of action because of you in order for you to earn money. The type of action depends on the affiliate program. 

As far as I know,, was the first site on the Web to use affiliate marketing. Amazon created a system that allowed “associates” to join a program and then try to sell Amazon’s products to other people on the Internet. As an affiliate of Amazon, you will only earn money when people you refer to their website will buy something.

Now there are too many affiliate programs to count all of them. Actually, way too many… it’s impossible to keep track of them all.

There are thousands upon thousands of programs. Usually, to find out which sites have an affiliate program, all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of the home page and look at where there are pages listed. One of the page links at the bottom will probably read something like “Affiliates” or “Become an Associate.” This is for that site’s affiliate program. If you click on it then you’ll be taken to a page that tells you all about the affiliate marketing program that the site offers.

You will need to sign-up with the site in order to become an affiliate. After you sign-up you’ll be able to begin marketing the site or individual products/services from the site. You’ll be given a unique URL that you’ll tell people to click on in order to buy a product or visit a site. When they person uses that URL then the site will know you sent them there and you’ll get credit for that.

Depending on the site and the affiliate marketing program that you join, you might make as little as 3% commission on the sale of a product or you could make as much as 75% commission. In fact, there are some Internet Marketers who let their affiliates keep all the profits (100% commission!) whenever a sale is made. 

There are many different tactics and strategies that are used by affiliates. These tactics include buying pop-up ads on sites, writing articles, creating social networking pages, creating storefronts, and many other practices. Some people make thousands of dollars a day with affiliate marketing while others make just a few dollars a month. But if you know what you’re doing and you work really hard at it then you will make a decent amount of money.

The basics of affiliate marketing are that you find a site that accepts affiliates, sign-up with that affiliate program, market for the site, and then make money when you get people to perform the action that the site wants people to do (usually involves buying something). Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money and it is relatively easy to do.

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