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Define success

Personal growth vs career goals. You need to define success in both. How many smiles do you get? Is your traffic growing? Are you earning more money? Are you living according to your values?

There are many ways to define success. In business, it’s not just about if you’re happy or not. You need to be earning money. On the other hand, there are many methods that’ll help you earn money. And, it’s not just about the money.

You need to define success. You can’t be successful without a definition of success.

Success depends on your niche and what type of business you’re in. And, success is different on different levels of an organization. At the top level, success might be defined by costs vs profit, or health issues, like how many people are on sick leave. At a lower level, success might be defined by how productive you and your team are.

I’m not going to tell you how to define success, because there are not one right answer. But, what you need to do, is to define success, at the different levels of your organization.

Like I said, you can’t be successful without a definition of success.

As a blogger, you might define success, by analyzing your stats, or you might be looking at the relationships you’ve been building, or the money you’ve been earning each month. It depends on the reason why you are blogging.

There are certain factors that’ll be helpful to define your success both personal and looking at your business:

A definition of success is deeply individual. That’s why you need to do it. Define success. Now.

2 responses to “Define success”

  1. Irish Carter says:

    What a great and deep article allowing one to determine choice for themselves instead of letting others determine the definition for success for them. Its easy in the online world to get caught up in everyones way of what success is. Good for you for keeping the door open for others to remember the power behind choice.


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