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Dedicated server or not?

I have been thinking about going dedicated for a while, and I just can´t stop thinking about it. I have been searching for the best deals and I have been all over various discussion forums to read what the “experts” are saying. But I still don´t have a clue if I should go dedicated or not – well, the reason I am thinking about going dedicated is my new business. I have something that I will be launching soon (well, I am not sure when – but probably a month or two).

Should I start the business with my own dedicated server or should I start with a regular shared one, and then when (I should probably say if..) it grows into a successful business I will do the switch. I have heard from several experienced marketers that the switch might be problematic for a lot of different reasons – downtime being one of them.

I have especially two problems with switching to a dedicated server. First, I have no clue how to administrate a dedicated server. I have my own shared hosting now, and it works great. I use cpanel and fantastico and I don´t have any problems. But with a dediacted server, I would probably have to do a lot of different tweaking or what ever it´s called 🙂

My second problem is the price. At the moment I am only paying about $10 a month, with a dedicated server I would have to pay apx. $200 and more each month. This is kind of expensive for me, and when I don´t know if I am going to be able to setup and get this thing running on my own, then I would not want to pay 12 months in advance.

Still thinking ….

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