Dead End Marketing


I am hearing the sound of the walls moving. Her hair is dark and beautiful, she’s sitting on the couch and can’t touch anything. But still, she makes the house shake, just by using her mind. A man is walking down the stairs, he’s eyes are black. Another man is in the kitchen, he looks quit normal, but he’s not, not by far. He’s a werewolf, the man walking down the stairs is a vampire and the girl in the couch is a ghost. They’re living together in a house.

Sometimes they scare me, other times they make me smile. The reason I’m watching the TV show Being Human is because it’s very different, it’s not like anything I’ve watched before. It’s creative and it makes me think.

It makes me think about:

  • storytelling
  • testing, and
  • tracking

We are storytellers

All people are storytellers. And all people love stories. I was going to start out by saying that all marketers are storytellers, but, it’s not just marketers. And, we all love hearing stories that are targeted to us. You might not like the TV show Being Human, but somewhere out there, there’s a different book or a different TV show, service or a product you definitively enjoy.

And the reason you discovered it was the story.

And the reason you enjoy it is the story.

When I’m watching people, I think about the power of content marketing and how stories are shaping the world we live in. And that the reason I started my marketing business is that I want to be part of it. I really want to make a difference and help people to create the right content for the right stories.

All companies and brands are telling stories, politicians are telling stories, athletes are telling stories.

When you’re buying clothes, you’re thinking about how the clothes will make you look, how people will think of you, or who’re selling the clothes, or if the clothes will help make you warm or dry or whatever. You are asking questions. You are creating a story. You might be the only person in the world who will get access to the story, but you are creating it.

You think about stories when you’re making a decision.

You create stories when you’re making a decision.

As a marketer, you want to create a story that’s true and a story that fits your targeted audience.

But, before we get too comfortable, we need to test it. We always do.

Testing the story

I really enjoy being creative. But, when you’re trying your best to be creative, you’ll need a system to discover if you’re trying too hard, or if it’s actually working and if it’s part of who you really are.

I listen to what other people are telling me, and I watch their behaviors close.

The reason I published Fuzzy on Amazon (for the Kindle) was to test the publishing process and learn how to do it. I was never aiming for a best seller or to earn a lot of money from it, it was part of a process. I received a lot of feedback as part of the process.

The same happened when I added the Barack Obama method of email marketing. I did it all for testing.


I always test new things and marketing techniques every single week, and I’m doing it because I want to see if they can be part of my story (the real story of who I am). If I believe they fit my story, well, then I’ll add them to my testing. But, I am always tracking my results carefully.

My tracking is either based on “real” evidence, like when I can see that what I’m doing doesn’t actually work, or my decision to stop it, is based on my gut feeling.

Take a look at the Barack Obama way to get leads for a second. I used a plugin called Welcome Splash, that redirected all the new traffic to my blog to a welcome page that asked them to sign up for my newsletter.

This technique worked great when it comes to how many people that actually signed up for my newsletter. This was by far the best number I had ever seen. But on the other hand, what I discovered was that a lot of people who visited my site didn’t see any of my content other than the welcome page. If they didn’t sign up for the newsletter, they just left. And they’re never coming back, that’s for sure.

dead end marketing

One of my goals when it comes to marketing is to help people by using the power of content to tell true stories. When most people didn’t see my content, I certainly didn’t feel like I was helping.

I received more subscribers than ever. But, the technique wasn’t part of the story of who I really am.

I am being human.

Leny Turns
2 years 6 months ago

It will be easier for you to sell your product if you will learn how to do story telling the right way. It is important that your story is truthful and persuasive.

2 years 6 months ago


Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

Nina Corales
2 years 7 months ago

I agree, we all love listening to other people’s stories and experiences. And whenever we hear a positive story from our friends, family or neighbor we tend to crave for that same kind of experience. This is the reason why it is necessary that we provide a positive user-experience when selling a product. So, our present customers will tell their friends and people around them how much they love our products.

Elaine Salt
2 years 7 months ago

I agree with you Jens. Story will draw people’s curiosity through testing the story. And Tracking comes next as how they absorb the story and find its content useful to them. Story Telling to Marketing is a good combination as you share half of your self from your experience. It becomes more interesting and persuading. Thanks Jen!

2 years 7 months ago

Hi Elaine,

I love storytelling and to me, that’s the reason why some marketers are successful and others are not. Stories helps us create relationships and trust. But the stories needs to be authentic.

Mei Mayore
2 years 7 months ago

TV commercial is one way of delivering the story of your product. The presentation of your product is crucial in leaving a good story in the minds and awareness of your target audience.

2 years 7 months ago

Yes it is, but TV commercials are still very expensive and the effects are not that great anymore. At least not if you compare it to the costs :)

Remy Santos
2 years 7 months ago

I agree Jens. Today, we can create a story about our product using social media and all the platforms available on the web, which costs cheaper yet give the same impact to the brand of your product.

2 years 7 months ago

Yes. Storytelling, that’s exactly what most marketers should get better at. Often, when I see or read a good story about a product, I end up buying it, no matter if I really want the product or not. That’s how powerful storytelling is.

Nina Corales
2 years 7 months ago

I agree that people buy story. Those products that have a more truthful and interesting stories draws the attention of the consumers. And the best way to know whether you are delivering your story appropriately to your audience is by testing and tracking the story you have sent out. This will help you know how did your target audience respond to your story.

2 years 7 months ago

That’s exactly my thoughts too Nina.

Thank you for the feedback.