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Day Job Killer

What an interesting title. Again I stumbled upon a new program somehwere on my way to something completely different. I thought the name was cool and then I started to read the contents of the site. It’s not often that I find myself stopping by just because of the domain name, but I just had to on this one.

Day Job Killer refers to what most people trying to make a few bucks online are looking for. They want the big bucks or at least enough money to stay at home a few more hours extra every single day.

Interesting name, but what about the contents and the program. Well, to be honest with you I have no idea. I have seen so many sites like this earlier, and to me you never know exactly how good it is before you join, and the bold statements – that the person presenting this has been earning six figures or more and now it’s your turn. Well, seen it all before.

But what’s different here is that I actually couldn’t find a place to join 🙂

There’s only a 23 minute video that you can watch for free, and I still can’t figure out where to join (not that I am thinking of it at the moment, probably have to watch the video first anyway).

Here’s Day Job Killer and the video that “might” change it all for you.

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