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Dan Brown and his books

I must admit, I have been one of those guys reluctant to read the most popular books recently. But everybody have been talking about Dan Brown lately. Who is this guy really? His name is like any other name, nothing special, it seems like he could be my next door neighbour. Well, I live in Norway so the name is not that ordinary here. I must admit that I have been kind of curious on the Da Vinci Code in particular, but also his other books.

I decided to secretly order the Da Vinci Code and then I saw that he had written a book called Digital Fortress also. This book looked interesting, so I decided to order that one too. When I received them I started on Digital Fortress right away. This book is about computers, Internet and code-breaking, something I love to read.

The book was ok, an interesting story and an entertaining book. But nothing out of the ordinary. Now it was time for the big one! The Da Vinci Code was something else. Well, I had heard so much about it and even so a documentary on TV before I started to read the book. I guess it was close to impossible to impress me, but it nearly did. It was a very entertaining book and I enjoyed the story a lot. So much that I just had to order Angels and demons. I think that this book was even better. Now I am thinking about buying the last one Deception point. It doesn’t look as good as the other ones though.

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