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What Every Customer Service Department Should Do

I believe in creating strong relationships with our customers. I still believe that we should advertise, and I still believe that we, to some extent, need to do what it takes to get attention. It’s all part of the marketing mix.

But. The world has changed.

Relationships are more important than ever. People, are the real business. It’s harder than ever to get attention. You and me, we’re easily distracted – and more people are trying to distract us, now, more than ever.

If we start every relationship with a positive attitude, focusing on delivering happiness, we’ll experience success a lot faster than we’re used to.

Customer service should be proactive.

We don’t have time to wait for customers to contact us. No, not anymore. We should focus on being one step ahead of our customers. If customers are contacting the customer service department, it’s because there’s something wrong, or it’s because they have a question.

It’s time to answer the questions. Brainstorm. Discover every single detail. Use your website. Be the best you can be.

It’s time to find your existing customers. It’s time to find them, before they end up contacting us. You can give exceptional customer service, but think about it, what’s even better, is to be one step ahead, and answer the questions and provide them with the best possible answer, before they start asking.

Customer service should be about building relationships.

6 responses to “What Every Customer Service Department Should Do”

  1. Tom De Baere says:

    Hi Jens,

    That’s indeed the direction things are going. Embedding functionality inside your products that signal anomalies to you is something we already know from the software industry (crash reports).

    For many years industrial systems have this kind of functionality on board that alarm service providers when things go wrong.

    Who knows when domestic appliances like coffee makers, fridges, etc… will also get this. We see the first systems popping up, with car makers leading the pack (Tweeting Toyota car)

    This type of service is very much related to the upcoming ‘internet of things’ where we will consider it to be normal to see a lot of devices surrounding us becoming more aware of what we need from them in a connected world.

    Giving customers an answer before they start asking is what Content marketing has it in its core. The next thing is that we will be supplying customers a 1 to 1 customer service based on their behavior, through content, but also through helpful marketing and proactive service.

    Thanks, nice article, made me think 😉

    • Hi Tom,

      Yes, I believe that the future of customer service is a very interesting one. We are used to see a passive department, just waiting for people to contact them. Instead, now “everything” is integrated and they’re are the ones contacting the customer and creating the meaningful relationships. I can’t wait to see this happening all over the place.

      – Jens

  2. Lisa says:

    Jens, what a great topic.. I’ve been trying harder to get tracking on orders for customers quicker as I sometimes see they search on our site for it. I will email them before they start to call or email. It’s not always easy when I’m dependent on suppliers for orders but something I’m working on to improve and thinking of getting rid of suppliers that I cannot work well with.

    With my day job in advertising I found it better if you knew a mistake was going to publish to let them know before they see it. It always produced a better result for all.

    • Hi Lisa,

      I’ve been thinking about something similar as well. I don’t sell anything on my site, but when I see people visiting certain pages, I want to tell them about other related posts and sites as well. I have been thinking about implementing a live chat, that pops up so I can chat with people who are visiting specific pages. Many times, I know what they are looking for, and I really want to help them find it. But instead, I’m passive, just sitting here watching 🙂

  3. Hi Jens, You’re right, Customer Service for the 21st century is very different from the past. My favorite Customer Service right now is Ting, a cell phone service provider that promises a live operator answers the phone and has a “no hold” policy. If every company had that kind of Customer Service, the world would be a better place.

    My least favorite Customer Service is the companies in the UK which charge you money to call them. They actually make more money the longer they keep you on hold!

    I know what you mean about the Live Chat option, but when I’ve visited blogs with that I’ve never seen the blog owner available. That kind of defeats the purpose, but you don’t want to have to man that function 24/7.

    • Ting sounds like an awesome company Carolyn. I wish my cell phone provider had customer service like that. I’m usually put on hold for several minutes before anyone answers. But, that’s what we’re used to. So, when someone like Ting arrives on the market, people start smiling 🙂

      I understand what you’re saying about live chat. If we’re going to use it, it should be online and live most of the time. I have seen many that are offline as well, and we wouldn’t want that.

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