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A simple customer retention strategy

This time, I didn’t make an appointment. I couldn’t decide when to do it, until I was ready. I remember the touch of his magic hands as I was walking to the shop. I peeked inside, and I could see three men waiting to get their hair cut. This was the first time I didn’t open the door.

A few minutes later, I was in a different chair, getting my hair cut by a different person.

I was asking myself why? And, the only reason why he lost me, was this:

He didn’t stay in touch with me.

You should contact your customers, and focus on your customer retention rate:

Your customer retention rate is calculated by measuring the percentage number of customers that you have retained over a given period.

In other words, you don’t want your customers leaving you. Keep them coming back.

I didn’t have time to wait. That’s the only reason I ended up at a different place. If he had contacted me first, and offered me a specific time and date for the hair cut, he wouldn’t have lost me.

A simple customer retention strategy

The company could send a postcard or an e-mail reminder that it’s time to make another visit. To send a reminder, the shop would simply have to identify the customers who were in six weeks ago, print labels and send postcards once a week. That’s a little work invested for a potentially large return.

A company should:

Stay in touch with them, make your customers smile. That’s what I did when a wheelbarrow made me feel like the best dad in the world.


People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
– Maya Angelou

Let me end by asking you this:

Do you stay in touch with your customers? What’s your customer retention strategy?

11 responses to “A simple customer retention strategy”

  1. Kai H says:

    Synes du er på en bra flow nå Jens. Virker som du skriver mer i det siste?
    Likte bildet i denne. Bruk gjerne flere bilder. Smil er utrolig undervurdert. Det er det aller viktigste i min kontakt med kunder.

    • Takk. Jeg skriver mer nå, og håper å fortsette med det. Skal publisere to ganger i uka, mandag og torsdag her på bloggen. I tillegg skal jeg publisere en i uka på Haldenskolen.

      Har også tenkt at jeg skal bruke egne bilder i alle artiklene.

  2. Lisa Sicard says:

    Hi Jens,
    It is so much easier keeping a customer than getting a new one. Getting a new one takes much more ttime, effort and money. Keeping customers is key. You should keep 80% and try to get 20% new customers to succeed in any business. Excellent points you’ve made here!

  3. Josh says:

    Hi Jens,

    The old saw about it being easier to keep a customer than find a new one is true.

    If you have a base of active customers that pay their bills and keep coming back it is a wonderful thing.

    I hate the idea of losing a customer because I did a poor job of staying in touch. It seems like a such a foolish way to lose them.

    • Hi Josh

      Me too. How do you look at it when it comes to blogging and your readers? I’ve been thinking a lot about my readers being my customers, and that I should stay in touch with them on a regular basis, and write what they’d love to read. On the other hand, I’d like to be creative and not being “forced”. What’s your opinion?

  4. I find that good communication, and being willing to help whenever possible, is working for me with my internet-marketing customers. I’ll also do the same with people even before they become my customers.

    As you say, this helps deliver excellent service and happiness, and hopefully some profit for those who actually follow advice (which in practice, few people do, for various reasons).

    Good post, thanks !


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