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Customer loyalty programs for small business

Customer loyalty programs for small business might be something to consider. The competition is fierce. It’s hard to get attention. We need to earn it. We need to be creative to make our customers stick. Let’s do a short description of what customer loyalty programs are before we continue.

Customer loyalty programs for small business is a way to help your customers get “paid” to be a loyal customer. That’s it. As a customer, you’d get paid in various ways; some pay money, others pay via services or provide discounts. You could do whatever, it’s just a way to provide loyal customers with something they truly value – for being a customer.

Take a look at the image above. If some of your customers are photographers, well, you know what to do.

An example of customer loyalty programs for small business

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time, you know how much I enjoy watching movies. I watch movies several times a week; not just because it helps me relax, but it also helps me stay creative. I really enjoy stories, and I use the real power of storytelling to get my message out.

A few days ago, I watched The Maze Runner at the local movie theatre. Part of the movie was great, other parts, not so good. But, what I realized, as I was buying the ticket, was how the movie theatre was using a customer loyalty program to keep me from going to a different movie theatre.

I had my wallet ready, and as I was about to pay, the woman behind the counter said that the ticket was free. I had earned enough points to get a free ticket. I don’t know exactly how it works, but I get points for the candy I buy and for the movies I watch. And, once in a while, I get a free movie or a free popcorn, or something different.

Customer loyalty programs for small business is a great method to make customers stay with you. It’s easy to implement, and it’s good way to get to know your customers, and start providing value to your customers.

Your focus

If I’d start my own customer loyalty program for small business, I’d start to focus on the trigger, and start adding members to the program. The trigger would be to give great value back to each member, based upon what they value the most. I’d target each members values, and make the offers unique.

For instance, using the example from the movie theatre, I’d offer myself free pre-releases to movies I know I’d love to watch. It would turn me into a raving fan, and not just an ordinary customer.

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