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Crush your competition with StumbleUpon

I have been thinking about how StumbleUpon works, and I have an idea about how you can use it in order to “destroy” your competition or someone you just don’t like. I am not recommending that you do it, but I just want to let you know that I am a little worried.

What I am talking about is a way to prevent people from getting traffic from StumbleUpon (SU), especially people who usually get a lot of traffic from SU. If my idea works, well, then I am a little worried. I hope nobody will use it this way, and I really hope it won’t work the way I am describing it.

The only reason I am writing this, is to make a point and to try to stop it. If it’s this easy to prevent people from getting traffic from StumbleUpon, then SU should really do something about it and do it fast. Millions are using SU, and if what I am desribing works, then I am probably not the first one who have thought about it.

Ok, now it’s time to reveal my thoughts. Actually, I can reveal everything with a simple question:

What happens if you are the first person to vote for a post / website and you use the wrong category at StumbleUpon?

For instance, I am using Comment Sniper, and I am at the post of my competition as the first person after he published it. Now, I add his post to StumbleUpon, but instead of adding it to the best category available (a category that matches his content), I add it to the opposite. I add the post related to Internet Marketing to the category of Alcholic Drinks (I just picked a random category for this example).

I would think that by adding this post to a completely different category, it will not produce a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon. It seems to be that the first person who adds a post / website to StumbleUpon is the person who defines “everything”. Everybody that comes later on and wants to vote for the post / website, can only vote, they can’t change the category.

The reason I discovered this, is that I accidentally added one of my own posts to the wrong category. I discovered this, and I wanted to edit it, but so far I don’t know how.

If the blog that you are adding to the wrong category is a very popular one, this might not have such a huge impact, because a lot of people might still be voting on it by visiting the blog (but not from inside of StumbleUpon). For other not very popular blogs, this kind of behavior can have a tremendous effect.

I hope that I am not right when it comes to this can of abuse of StumbleUpon.

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