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Creative writing exercises

Create a story without writing anything. This works for both business writing; fiction and non-fiction.

Start thinking about it before you do anything on paper or on a computer. That’s how I get started with my creative writing exercises.

The first thing I do when I finally sit down to start writing is to write an appealing and memorable first sentence.

creative writing exercises

It doesn’t matter what it’s about, as long as it’s something appealing and memorable, something that will get me excited; something that’ll make me want to continue.

Read my first sentence again.

Creative writing exercises and writer’s block

I know a lot of people get writer’s block. If that’s something you’ve experienced, and something you’re struggling with when writing; you should go for a walk.

Walk for 30 minutes or more. My experience is that it always will help me get back on track. While walking, I think about one thing; how creativity is born.

As soon as you get back, get it out of your head. You’ve got your story and your first paragraph. Now, write everyting without editing.

Focus on writing to one person, picture who that one person is; imagine that she’s reading the words you’re writing as you are typing them.

You’re having a conversation, and it’s a meaningful dialogue.

Develop the story

You need to decide who the characters are. No matter if you’re alone, or not, you need to think about who you are, and you need to develop characters in your story.

Like I said; sometimes you are alone, just practicing creative writing exercises – speaking to one person only. At other times, you’re adding different characters to your story.

Set up your plot and choose a point of view. I’ve always created the story in my head before I write a single sentence, but that’s not the case with the plot.

The plot that’s part of my creative writing exercises will always just be one thing. I make it as simple as possible.

Finally, I am creating conflict and adding some sort of tension, building to a climax. Remember, I’m not just talking about creative writing exercises for writing fiction.

I’m doing the same exercises as part of creative business writing.

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