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Creative but dumb way to earn money

I just picked up some news from Norway, about a 18-year old guy who is doing something that I don´t recommend. Well, I find it a bit creative and an easy way to earn money. Not a lot you should do other than sell your middle name to the highest bidder on eBay.

I am not sure how the rules go, but it seems to be that the highest bidder will get to chose the middle name for this kid. So, for how long will he keep that middle name? It doesn´t say on the eBay site, it only says that he will change his name to whatever the highest bidder will demand. Well, he sort of say that he have to approve the name first… so I guess there are a few names that I can think of that he won´t be getting.

Is this really a good way to advertise? Maybe just this one time. Not many people have done this before, I guess it will get a lot of attention in the media. And the winner will get his name many places and not only as this kids middle name. But other than that, I wouldn´t really think that a rather anonymous kid from Norway would create any big buzz for a company with his middle name. He will probably not use his middle name that much either, well, depending what it will end up being. And of course, he might be really proud to do this auction and of his new name. So in the end he will be telling everybody he meets what his new name is and how he got it (so it might be worth it, depending on the price).

The bidding started at $1 and fourty bids later it´s up to $307. If you are interested in bidding or just following it, you can take a look at the auction over at eBay.

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  1. Dawud Miracle says:

    Interesting. For some reason, I tend to take the hard way around and build buttons myself. But that’s not necessarily because I think it’s better. It’s just what I’ve done. I’m sure I could save some time.

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