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Creative Commons Flickr and Bloggers

I have never actually been looking at the Creative Commons licence before, but today I had a few extra minutes without any plans and I decided to read it, and it’s all because I have a purpose.

I have never been using images from Flickr before, but I have been looking at Flickr for a long time now. I want to start using images to supplement my blogposts, a nice image makes a blog post a lot cooler.

But I have a problem.

If I find some nice images with the Creative Common licence, can I just download them and use them on my blog without writing anything about who owns the image and where I downloaded it?

… or can I download the image, use it on my blogpost and write the name of the owner and give a link back to his or her Flickr profile?

… or do I have to ask the person before I can use the image?

Well, as I am writing this, I haven’t read the Creative Commons licence. But I would think that I should ask for permission before I start using the images. And I probably should do that even though the creative common licence might say that it’s legal to do something else.

Now, what have I discovered reading about Creative Commons?

There are four important things that you need to learn:

Attribution is, according to Flickr, that you are allowed to copy, distribute, display and perform copyrighted work, and derivative work based upon it, but only if you give them credit.

Noncommercial means that you can copy, distribute, display, and perform the work of others, and derivate works based upon it, but only for noncommercial purposes.

No derivate works means that you can do everything I just wrote but only verbatim copies of their work, not derivate works based upon it.

Share alike means that you can distribute derivate works, but only under the licence identical to the licence that governs their work.

What does all this mean to a blogger like myself?

All I want to do is to show the images on my blog, I am not going to share it in any other way and I am not going to perform anything when it comes to resize, crop or whatever.

I believe that the only problem related to using images from Flickr with a Creative Commons license on my blog is related to the Noncommercial part.

I am earning money from my blog, but I am not writing because I am trying to earn money, and my blog was not created because I want to earn money. My blog was created because I want to learn more about Internet marketing.

But does this mean that my blog is a commercial blog or not? I don’t have a company, but I am earning money… it’s a tricky question.

Anyway, I think that I end up with the same answer as before I started reading about Creative Commons. If you want to use an image from Flickr, you should contact the owner of the image and get his or her permission before you use it.

The only problem with getting a permission before you use an image, is that you will have to expect to wait a few days. I believe that most people will be thrilled to be told that their images are really cool and that you would like to use them on your blog.

What do you think? Is this the way Creative Commons work for bloggers?

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