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This turns me into a creative beast

Don’t ask yourself; what is creativity?

Think about what I’m doing instead.

I am currently in the kitchen, listening to the boiling water. I have a window, but the darkness is surrounding me. I can barely see the lid on the pot. I’m thinking about how I start my day, and if it’s all become a routine? I enjoy a good routine, it makes it safe, and it makes things comfortable and I know exactly what to do.

boiling water

But, that’s not part of how I’ll end up with new interesting ideas. I need that uncomfortable feeling. That feeling that I am not exactly sure what the result is going to be.

I am listening to the boiling water. I know that in a few seconds, I’ll be touching the lid, trying to pour hot water into a cup. And, I can hardly see a thing.

This hot water experiment doesn’t make me creative. It’s not as difficult as it may sound. In fact, this won’t change a thing. But, every day, doing something different, doing something that’s not expected – that’ll eventually make a difference.

I remember what I was thinking when I wrote; what to write about when you have nothing to write aboutΒ – sometimes you just need to let go. And, the more often you let go, the easier it becomes. No, I am not saying that you should become a lone nut, even though that might turn you into a leader. What I am saying is that you should transform doing unexpected things, and uncomfortable things, into a habit.

But, boiling water, and making tea, in the darkness. That’s just plain stupid.

9 responses to “This turns me into a creative beast”

  1. Aleks George says:

    Boiling water and making tea in the darkness can be just as creative as any other meaningful pursuit. It always comes back to your attitude and having faith that something of value will arise. You can’t always force it! Interesting post.

  2. Tim Bonner says:

    Uncomfortable and unexpected things aren’t something I enjoy doing but it makes sense if you want to grow creatively and professionally that you do them.

    I’m doing a couple of guest posts soon and that’s probably as uncomfortable as I want to be at the minute!

  3. Jake May says:

    Very Nice article. Though these are basic things that everyone is supposed to know and follow but its these that we so often miss or neglect and that’s what, i suppose, differentiates a good blogger from a great one! Thank you for this lovely piece of information.

  4. anis says:

    This was an awesome post Thanks for sharing
    Sometimes when there’s nothing to do I keep listening to the boiling water too especcially when I’m studying
    thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

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