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Creative and Free Text Links Exchange

As you probably already know, reciprocal links are very useful when it comes to search engines and traffic. The more reciprocal links you have, the better your ranking on the search engines will be. The more reciprocal links you have, the more traffic you will get from the other sites linking to your site.

That’s the short story, and it’s very close to the truth.

Now, there is a creative and free way to do a link exchange with other bloggers using WordPress. This is a way that works, instead of the traditional way – you probably know all about the traditional way.

In order to make this creative and free link exchange work, you need to use the aLinks plugin for wordpress.

This plugin is a way to turn words or phrases into links on all your posts. You can decide that one of your words, like I am using the word AWeber, should turn into a link whenever you write the word in one of your posts. And as you can see, that just happened to my word.

When you add a word or phrase to aLinks, it will turn that word into a link on all your posts. It will turn the word of your choice on all the posts from the past and on all your posts in the future into links. It’s a very powerful tool.

Now, instead of just turning some words or phrases into affiliate links, you should be a little more creative. Do a link exchange instead. Ask people with blogs with the same or similar topic as yours to use aLinks and exchange text links.

If your blog is quite similar in popularity, you can exchange one text link on your blog with one text link on the other blog. If your blog has less traffic, you can give three text links and receive one text link on the other blog. It’s all up to you how you decide to exchange text links.

The difference with this kind of link exchange, is that it works. You pick the keywords that are related to your blog and you will get targeted traffic from your link partners.

I am ready to do a text link exchange with you, are you ready? Please contact me if you are.

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