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Creating Web Forms

I am currently experimenting with optin forms for my newsletter. I am using Aweber (great software by the way) and I have noticed that they have changed a few things since the last time I used it. Now they have a web form generator and it´s really easy to use. It simply drag and drop, and an editor where you can use wysiwyg. It´s working great so far.

If you are interested to view a video on how to create forms with the web form generator, you can just visit the blog at Aweber.

I am still trying to get the perfect popover, but I am still kind of struggling. You can see how I am doing so far by visiting Online Marketing Catalog, you will probably get a popover the second you visit it.

What I am looking for is a lightbox sort of popover for Aweber. Take a look at the blog of Manuel Viloria for more information about lightbox and optin forms. Lightbox is great, everything but the popover turns sort of black. I think that this is a very nice effect, and not as annoying as a regular popover.

I am not sure how to get aweber integrated into something like that, I guess I better keep searching for an answer. If I get one, I will post it right here for you 🙂

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