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Creating A New Blog and Chosing a WordPress Web Host

I am about to create a new blog, it’s going to be interesting. I have used Micro Niche Finder to find a niche with apx. 32,000 searches a month for “my” keyword and close to zero competition. The best of all; I am very interested in the topic.

Now, before I create my blog and start writing, I have to chose a webhost for my new wordpress blog.

I am still not sure which web host to chose. There are so many things that matters when chosing a web host, it has to be reasonable, but it’s actually more important that it has hardly no downtime at all, and that the support is great.

So far, I am thinking about Host Gator, it seems that they are getting great reviews and that they have a really affordable hosting plan. And they got the cpanel and fantastico de luxe where I can have my one click installation of wordpress. I can also pay for my web hosting using PayPal.

I am still considering a few other alternative web hosts, I have read great reviews about them as well, and they are:

But so far, Host Gator is my first choice and it’s based on many of the reviews at various discussion forums and the following sites:

I haven’t signed up at any yet, and I am still reading reviews. I would really be interested in hearing any of your thoughts when it comes to chosing a web host for a wordpress blog.

Are you using any of the web hosting services above?

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