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Create Really Cool Avatars At Gizmoz

Today I made my first stop at Gizmoz, a very interesting Israeli company. Their site is all about helping you to create a very cool avatar. Just upload your image, and put on all sorts of accessories. You can put on different hats, wigs, sunglasses, t-shirts and much more. Just look at the avatar I made in just a few minutes (the image below):

I have not registered as a member yet, and you have to be a member to download your new and cool avatar from Gizmoz. I am not sure how many sizes that you can choose from, but hopefully there are a few. I discovered when I made my avatar that many of the accessories that I could use was free, but some had an amount next to it. I am not sure, but it seemed that you would have to pay to use some.

So, why should you become a member at Gizmoz today? First of all, one marketing technique that works and that is free, is to use discussion forums. At most discussion forums you can upload or link to your avatar. Most people have rather boring avatars, but a few that I have seen do have some interesting ones. If you see one with a cool avatar, you will notice him or her, and you might get a little curious about the person. This way you will probably get more clicks and more attention than without an avatar or with a rather boring one.

Visit Gizmoz today and make yourself a really cool avatar.

3 responses to “Create Really Cool Avatars At Gizmoz”

  1. Tim Linden says:

    LOL that was weird, reading and then being like woah is he talking about me? Yeah, I think he is =P

  2. jens says:

    Yes, I thought you´d be surprised 🙂

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