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Create customized postcards online

It seems like a good idea to send postcards to your downline, this could be postcards to cheer them up or to tell them that they are doing a good job. I am not talking about an e-card but a regular oldfashion postcard on paper, where the person receiving it would have to walk out to their mailbox and pick it up.

I think we would all love to get a nice personalized postcard in the mail. Today I found a service that you can use, it even has a free trial and I think you can send yourself a postcard to test it for free.

The service is called VerticalResponse.

PS. I have not tried it myself.

3 responses to “Create customized postcards online”

  1. Peter Stevens says:

    Hi I did a free trial on jetnumbers
    I am very satisfied with the service they provide. I got a UK number forwarded to my USA number. From my understanding prices are fixed $19.99 , $29.99 and $49.99, and you have an amount of minutes available depending on the were you want the phone number and where you want to recieve the call.

  2. Nestor says:

    I have been a user now for a nearly a couple months and have been able to setup a number for my sister that lives in London. I have been using the 29.99 account and honestly, i wish i had though up the business!!! I assume that it is a cash cow!!!
    But does anyone know how the technology works?

  3. Jenniffer says:

    I have been using jetnumbers fot a few months now. And I am very satisfied with the service! It si great!, my relatives are relieved with the cost of having to call me. I first signed up with a free trial, and it went great. I recommend it for all of you people who are curious to try

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