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Create A Cool E-mail Signature

It’s been few years ago since I first discovered the marketing effect of a great forum signature. If you do it right, you can drive a lot of traffic to your websites from your signature. Now, I am thinking, the same applies to your e-mail signature.

If you create a cool e-mail signature, I’ll bet that you can drive a lot of traffic from it.

I have just created a new one, do you like it?

create cool e-mail signature

If you like it, you can learn how to create it for Apple Mail (or you can download the template, modify it and add it to your own e-mail client).

15 responses to “Create A Cool E-mail Signature”

  1. Tom Lindstrom says:

    I think Comment Kahuna is a great software.You write your comment when you arrive at the blog as usual, but it makes it so much easier to find relevant blogs than if done manually.Like always, no point in posting a comment if you have nothing useful to say.

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Tom

    But would you use Comment Kahuna to just post one comment at one blog, it looks to me that this software is more to post the same comment to multiple blogs, but I might be wrong.

    I agree that it’s a great software and that it’s probably easier to find relevant blogs to comment on.

  3. Tom Lindstrom says:

    A different comment on every blog.

    Comment Kahuna has a feature where you can see on which blogs you have commented (if you cannot remember), and check in a few days if your comment has been approved or not.In a few weeks I would check the blogs that have approved my comments and comment again, if there is something to comment on.

  4. Jens says:

    Oh, I didn’t know that.

    Thanks for the information.

  5. Vizshaun says:

    Thank you for all your valuable information. I will be looking into the various ways for linking to blogs and will try out these techniques.

    Keep up the great work it is really appreciated.

  6. Peter Holmstrand says:

    This comment, for one, was posted through Comment Kahuna. So it words actually, I searched for “Kahuna” inside it, and wuuupti – here comes Johnny 🙂

    – Peter

  7. adadm says:

    I have just downloaded Comment kahuna, it sounds like a great program to use, I too was worried that it seeed like you would only be able to post the same generic post to multiple postings. still not sure how you can actually see the websites through comment kahuna though?..

  8. Brixx says:

    Just started using Kahuna today, and I think it’s a promising software. I’ll try to use it often to see the results.

  9. brick says:

    Here is what I have found so far. It IS a valuable tool. I would recommend using it – but use it for good – not evil. Use it to post valuable comments.

    I had trouble on one computer getting it to work, but on another machine it worked per the video.

    We have good results. Our results are part of an overall SEO (white hat) strategy for this site. We have about 50 top five results in Google for targeted key words. We were also able to use some good public relations activities on industry sites using the comment kahuna tool.

    As discussed many times, including in these comments, you must add value with your comments. Adding value means that the blog owner (website owner) will get the benefit of improved content and also current content. Junk comments get deleted and annoy the hell out of the owner of the site.

    I would recommend its use if you are a small business who wants to find industry related commenting opportunities and you are able to spend the time to write valuable comments.

  10. Av says:

    I’m just evaluating comment kahuna and comment lit at the moment. Comment kahana gives you dofollow links while comment hut shows you both. I’m not sure which one is better yet but i’ll let you know after putting both to test.

  11. Lbeltrann says:

    i can't see your email siganture. Actually im looking for some inspiration and your blog seems to be perfect!.. congratulations for all ur posts!

  12. Sorry about that. I wrote this post in 2008, and I haven't updated the image path when I moved my blog. Now everything should be ok, thanks for the tip.

    … and thanks for your kind words 🙂

    • James says:

      Hi Jens, what email signature editor would you recommend for PC users? I’ve found this program:
      and it’s generally advertised as a great marketing tool -the template editor seems to be very advanced and I think it’s proper for Exchange admins. What software would you recomm for a company to efficiently manage email flow and email branding? We have Exchange.

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