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Create a Username for a Facebook Page

When you create a Facebook Page, it will get a very long URL, way too long to remember and it’s really not a URL you would like to send to someone via email, on Twitter, or share on Facebook.

Well, you could stay with the long URL and use a service to shorten your link, but I suggest that you create your own unique URL instead.

For instance, one of the Facebook Pages I have created lately is Blog Buddy, the URL is now easy to remember:

It used to be a lot longer…

Now, let me show you how you can create your own Facebook Page URL in just a few simple steps:

Click this URL

Just click the URL below, and you’re almost finished:

Choose your Page

At the bottom of the page, you will see “page name” and a dropdown box (see the image above). Just click on your Facebook Page and then add the username of your choice (click “check availability”).

The only problem

The only problem is that you need to have 25 fans or more in order to be able to create a URL for your Facebook Page.

You won’t get a second chance

Remember that you have to chose the right username the first time you add it. You won’t be able to edit it, and you can’t chose another one.

3 responses to “Create a Username for a Facebook Page”

  1. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Wow nice one Jens, thanks for sharing this I will try this so I can make my own and unique username…

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