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Crazy frog and Ding a dang dong

A rather weird title today, but that’s how the song goes, ding a dang dong it’s the crazy frog song (well, I guess not, but it was close).

My point is; you can promote yourself and / or your business by making funny videos and submitting them to video directories like YouTube. It can be really easy, you just need a great idea and some cool kids.

This video has been watched 6,829,939 times, that’s close to 7 million times!

All there is to it is one song, and two “crazy” kids dancing and doing all sorts of gestures to the song. I am not sure if the guy behind the camera did any editing at all, because it all looks so real.

Find two kids in your neighborhood, invite them home, put on some music and press record on your camera. Sometimes that’s all there is to it.

Or, if you don’t want to be the guy to invite the kids, you can find a very popular video at YouTube and try to make an identical copy of it, but in your own way. You should impersonate the people in the video.

This way, you know that your video will be famous as well.

This video has been watched 1,362,777 times, that’s more than 1,3 million times! And it’s nothign original, it’s actually almost an identical copy of another video.

A video like this will be perfect for a viral marketing campaign. People love to share funny videos.

Find a very popular video, try to copy it and be sure to put your URL somewhere in the video or in your profile and you will be all set for success.

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    learn how to write before you write.

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