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Could Teenager Marco Weiss Stop Turkey From Entering The EU?

I just have to comment on a story that I just read. A German teenager Marco Weiss was recently arrested in Turkey for kissing a local girl. Marco was on vacation and apparently met the girl at a disco, they went back to his room and kissed a few times. Marco is 17 years old, the girl said she was 15. Now, the problem is that her parents found out and she had lied about her age. She was only 13 years old.

Her parents went to the cops and now Marco has been in jail for more than 10 weeks. Marco didn’t commit rape or anything, as far as I know he just kissed this girl while at vacation in Antalya (and from the newspapers I have read, the girl kissed Marco first).

Turkey has rejected direct appeals from Germany
, and now things are heating up. I am not sure how prison cells are in Turkey, but hopefully they are better than their reputation.

I really feel sorry for this guy, he seems to be 100 % innocent (at least from what I have read).

What is interesting about this case is that Turkey is waiting to be accepted as a member of the European Union. They just can’t afford to get media attention like this, especially from Germany. If student Marco Weiss will not be released anytime soon, could this mean trouble for Turkey and their membership? Other countries might follow in their protests, and soon who knows what will happen.

7 responses to “Could Teenager Marco Weiss Stop Turkey From Entering The EU?”

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  4. Albert Preason says:

    He didn’t kiss a girl honey, he raped a girl… Ofcourse you may not know the difference between kissing or forcing a child to have sex with you, than referr to wikipedia

  5. sorry about that, it wasn't much information available at the time when I wrote the article and I don't read or speak german…

  6. i.dalg says:

    He wasn't arrested for kissing a local girl. At least get your facts straight before writing about it. She was a 13 year old British girl, and her mother brought the complaint to the Turkish authorities. The same thing would have happened in most states in the US, if the mother of a 13 year old claimed her daughter was raped.

  7. I'll try to defend myself ๐Ÿ™‚

    I read a lot about this case the day it was published in the news and it was a huge buzz on the Internet. There were a lot of rumors, and most of the things I read was about him being accused of kissing a local girl, but then things changed. It wasn't local, and it wasn't about kissing.

    This story, the one I wrote, is close to three years old. I haven't updated it, I just wrote a few thoughts about it when I first read the news. If I had been updating it, and following the case, I would surely have written about the changes that I discovered.

    Again, sorry about this.

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