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A Cool Review of Blogging To The Bank 3

Blogging to the bank is a blueprint from a blogging millionaire. The guy behind it is Rob Benwell, a quite ordinary bloke from the UK. Well, almost. He is only 24 years old, and he has been blogging since he was 20 years old, and making more than a million dollars.

I guess he is not like most people in their twenties.

When Blogging to the bank 2 was released some time ago, I was very close to buy it. But instead of buying it, I ended up joining the Blog Mastermind course by Yaro Starak. At the time I thought, why buy the ebook when everything is covered in the blogging course?

Today, several months later, after I finished the Blog Mastermind course, I just had to buy the latest version of Blogging to the bank. The reason I had to buy it, was that I have been very curious about the content, and it was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.

Now, after I just finished reading the Blogging to the bank 3 ebook, I am not really impressed. Actually, I am a little dissapointed. I thought the ebook would provide some new information, something that would take me to the next level as a blogger. But it didn’t provide me with any new information at all.

It is a well-written e-book, and it provides probably everything you need in order to be successful as a blogger, but I felt like it was a book for beginners. Because the ebook is only 58 pages, and it covers everything from domains, hosting, creating your blog and advanced SEO techniques. It covers sort of everything, but just a few pages on each topic.

So, I was kind of looking for more information on the advanced topics of blogging, like link building, web 2.0 strategies and content. All the topics are covered, but it’s more like an introduction to them.

In fact, I did learn one thing, and I was a little surprised by it, Rob Benwell is outsourcing his content. Way more than I thought, but the reason for that is kind of obvious. If you are running many blogs, more than 10 (and I am not sure how many he has), you can’t write content for them all every single day. At least not if you want the content to creative and interesting to your readers.

The really neat thing about Blogging to the Bank 3, is that Rob Benwell has included a lot of great examples on each topic. For instance, when he talks about article marketing, he even includes a free software on how to submit your articles to various directories.

And when you buy the ebook, you get some extra bonuses as well.

All in all, Blogging to the bank 3 is not bad at all, it’s just that I thought I would be reading more about advanced blogging techniques.

I had a cool review in mind when I started writing, but I guess I ended up with just a regular one, but next time…

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