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A cool Nickname to Promote your business

I have been thinking, will a ultra cool nickname help you promote your business? Most of us are members of various social communities and other services where members can see our nicknames. Usually I don’t think much about them, for instance when I use discussion forums. I think that a nickname is just a way to log in, but maybe not, maybe a nickname is something you should consider when it comes to marketing?

I have never had a cool nickname before, I have always used something related to my name or one that I just made up a few years ago, that didn’t mean a thing to anybody and not me either.

What if I took the nickname Roadwarrior, do you think that people would start to notice me more than if my nickname was jens?

Or what if I used one of these: Britneys Toy, Ghetto Boy, Big Nose or Albino Boy?

It might work, but I think that I feel more comfortable using my old one, or maybe I should use my domain name instead? slymarketing or might be the best way to promote my blog using a nickname, but something tells me that it`s not personal enough for me.

I will stick with jens, even though that probably won`t help my marketing.

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