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Cool New Features in Micro Niche Finder version 3

If you don’t know about Micro Niche Finder, you should read my thoughts the day I bought the software. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover if you start using it. I have been using it almost every single day since I bought it.

Now, this is not really a sales letter, I am writing because the new version of Micro Niche Finder will be released soon (maybe as soon as next week). I know that I have told you that earlier, but hopefully this time it’s true. The reason I think it’s true this time, is because I have now downloaded the new version myself. I got access to it just a few hours ago.

Check out this video of Micro Niche Finder version 3

I have discovered a few new exciting things I’d like to tell you about. You can see them demonstrated in the video, but I will tell you about them anyway.

You have two new buttons, one for hot trends and one for brainstorm. Hot trends searches google for the hottest trends, and you can find out what are the hottest trends and why. This will give you an idea about what is really hot right now. If you click on brainstorm, you will just get a lot of keywords and keyphrases. You can just keep on clicking and you will get new keywords and keyphrases every time you click. This button is very helpful if you need new ideas.

Check out this video of Micro Niche Finder version 3

The import and export functions is also a lot better in the new version of Micro Niche Finder.

If you like, you can also change to a completely different Google database. You can find keywords for the Norwegian database or the UK database, this will help you get different keywords than if you just did a search at the US database.

There might be other new functions at the new version of Micro Niche Finder, but I have only watched the video and tested the new version for about 30 minutes. Anyways, James Jones has done a great job and I really like his free upgrade for life policy.

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