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Conversions in Google Analytics

I don’t spend much time analyzing statistics anymore. I use Quill Engage for almost everything I need in Google Analytics. I receive a weekly and monthly report, and it takes me no more than 5 minutes to read and understand it. But, one thing I’m still doing, is to track conversions in Google Analytics.

What is a conversion?

The short version is this; first, you need to define a goal. A goal is something you’d like to happen on your website. When that something happens, then you have a conversion. You need to define the goal.

A goal can be:

One goal for me is to have as many people as possible to subscribe to my newsletter. Each time someone subscribes, there’s a conversion.

Conversions in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, click on Administrator (for your specific website). You’ll see goals in the list below. Click on goals, and then click on new goal. You can specify as many goals as you’d like.

I’m currently using three goals;

Improving conversions is an important part of blogging. Set your goals according to why you are blogging, and then track the conversions to see your progress and how much you are improving.

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