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Business is all about building relationships with people in order to help them trust you. It’s the same online and offline. Content development is one of the most powerful ways you can build this relationship, and content development is what I’m focusing on when I got my first client.

Content development should be part of a content marketing strategy in order to help your business grow real results. It’s not about just writing when you have the time, and creating any type of content that’s relevant to your business. Content development should be detailed and part of a long term process, with you and your client, and you and your business.

Content development with Eugene Farber

I have been following Eugene Farber for a long time. He’s been blogging about the importance of content development and building strategies to get content as the focus of marketing. Not long ago, he launched his Strategic Content Launch Pad (not an affiliate link), and it explains in details how his brand new blog became highly successful in a very short time. What his product describes is how to make content development the major part of your strategy, to build, launch and grow your online business to real results.

Eugene has been very focused on his efforts, and he understands the true value of content development and how to create strong, long term content strategies for any business, and I highly recommend his Strategic Content Launch Pad (I have a discount for you at the bottom).

The most important element of content development

I believe that a blog should be included in any business. And that’s the reason why I am launching a Norwegian marketing blog for my new business. I’ll be focusing on content development for businesses, by showing real examples of what I am doing. I’ll be giving away my knowledge for free on my blog.

Eugene’s product is a guide, a blueprint, that anyone can follow when it comes to the right content development for their businesses.

It starts out explaining what content is, and what types of content you can and should create. If you are new to content development and creating strategies, you’ll appreciate how detailed this guide is.

The thing is, when it comes to content development, a lot of the content can and should be repurposed. For instance, from this blog post, I can create an audio version to include in a podcast, I can create a presentation to add to slideshare, and I can create a video and add it to YouTube. That’s a very important part of a content strategy.

Blogging as the most important part of content development

From the time when Eugene launched his blog, it took him one month to get PageRank 4. To me, that’s close to unbelievable. I am still at PageRank 3, after years of blogging. But, I haven’t been focused on content development, and that’s really why I haven’t been able to make it any higher.

We need to identify our ideal customer before we start developing content. We need to add every detail of the ideal customer to the equation, like age, sex, education level, income level, marital status and geographical location. And, we need to identify our goals.

A blog is like our home. Content development is everything that’s inside; from the furniture, to the hearts and minds of the people in the family. We need content, and not just facts and information, to present who we are, and what we truly care about. We focus on content development in order to create strong relationships and trust. A blog is publisher friendly, and very easy to set up (close to free) for any business.

Eugene launched his blog in October 2011. He had a pre-launch strategy, a launch strategy, and he describes everything in details. He created a buzz, using Twitter, Facebook and email via a landing page and he focused on flagship content. This was an ebook and the anchor of his launch.

Strategic Content Launch Pad and the bonuses

I was impressed by the details of the content development process, and how much Euguene shared from his own success. But, I was also impressed by the bonuses that he is offering. The bonuses are relevant, and 100% action. You’ll get bonuses like “87 Ways to Domiante Your Content Strategy” and “24 Ways to Generate Content Ideas and the Getting Started Worksheet.”

Content development is too important to not be part of a strategy. And I know from my own experience, that I had no strategy for years, and it’s only now that I’m starting my first business that I realize how important it is.

I highly recommend Strategic Content Launch Pad (not an affiliate link), and I have a special discount for you. As my reader, you’ll get it for $27 and it includes all the bonuses. That’s an awesome price.

Do you have a strategy for content development?

2 years 8 months ago

Hi, I have been blogging since 2007 and I tend to be between a PR 3 and 4. But, I seem to always be at a PR3 no matter how hard I try to get a PR 4. Thanks for this article.

2 years 8 months ago

Hi Adam,

I certainly understand what you’re saying. I have been having the same problem myself, but I have stopped focusing on PR. Now, my marketing online is more or less only about creating high quality content and building relationships. That works great :)

Danica Green
3 years 15 days ago

Content development plays a significant role in the success of a business. Content has the ability to directly communicate to your target market and let them know facts about your business or product.

3 years 1 month ago

a very short time. What his product describes is how to make content development the major part of your strategy, to build, launch and grow your online business to real results.

Rahman Mehraby
3 years 1 month ago

I agree with you Jens. Content development and also engagement with your target audience is a must. I’ve just discovered your blog and I like it. You’ve already got several people engaged in the conversation on this page!

Regarding the translation of your blog to another language, I think it won’t work! I’ve been in translation business for more than 12 years and in recent years in SEO and other online marketing channels. I think the keywords people use in Norway at the same industry (let’s say marketing) could be different from your translated keywords! The methods of engagement could be a bit different in various cultures. You could not relate to the people in terms of their day-to-day trends as you’re not living there. and the list goes on and on.

I cannot tell you what works to reach out to them as I’m not a specialist in Norwegian market, but I think writing comments in Norway’s blogs, getting involved with their English blogs, and probably writing guest posts for them could get you to be known there. Good luck with that.

Rahman Mehraby
Travel Marketing Blog

3 years 1 month ago

its a nice post, thanks for sharing…!

3 years 1 month ago

Hi James,

Thanks a lot for the feedback :)