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Content Composer by Jason Potash

This software is being released today. I have heard some rumors that it´s going to be something great, but we´ll see what happens. What I know is this, if you have a blog and hate to publish, this software might be something you should consider buying. I am not sure what Jason Potash is up to, but it seems that he has figured out a way so everybody can get 100% unique articles without writing.

It sounds a bit strange, and I don´t really know if this is how it works. You should probably figure out this for yourself. At the moment I am having a problem accessing the site, too many people are probably trying to access it at the same time. Hopefully Jason is doing his best to keep his server from crashing, because today he is going to earn a lot of money.

Here´s the link to Content Composer. I am not an affiliate and I have no idea how good this product really is. You can probably get a little more information about the software if you visit his blog, you can find it here.

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