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ContactThem and their Marketing Trick

Early this morning, I received an e-mail that I thought was a little too good to be true kind of e-mail. This is how the e-mail looked (more or less):


We’ve seen your website at (the url) and we love it!

We see that your traffic rank is (the number)
and your link popularity is (the number)
Also, we see that you are online since (Online since).

With that kind of traffic, we will pay you up to $4,800/month to advertise our links on your website.

If you’re interested, read our terms from this page:
(the url)

I was a little curious about what this offer was all about, because to me this looked like spam and nothing I would consider to earn money from. But I clicked the link and visited their website and this is the website.

It looks like an interesting system with the name of ContactThem and the man behind it is a well-known marketer with the name of Stephan Ducharme.

Is it a lot like Affiliate Elite by Brad Callen? and just a new way of finding affiliates and advertising your affiliate network, and now they are using the system to advertise their system?

I have one problem with this. They are sending out their offer to a lot of people like myself, and they are saying that they can pay us up to $4,800 and that’s true if we do the job ourselves. From the e-mail it looks like they want to advertise on the website.

… but if you read the text at the bottom of their page, this is what it says:

These figures of earnings are examples to help you understand the earning potential – You can make more or less. There are no guarantees of income. *You are NOT paid per click, per impressions or for the period of time our banner is exposed on your website; you are paid per sale generated. You receive a sales commission when members join our paid membership upon your referral or your sub-affiliates’. Recurring monthly commissions are subject to members’ renewals. By default, 2 levels of commissions are paid; to access levels 3 to 10, you need to meet each level qualifications. Please take time to consult the qualifications for each level inside the affiliate area that explains everything in details.

It looks like just another offer to advertise another affiliate program, or what do you think? If this isn’t spam, then what is?

It seems that the e-mail is being sent by a person working at The ContactThem Network and they have not provided any information of how they found my e-mail, and there are no unsubscribe link at the bottom.

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  1. Doug says:

    By far the funniest book ever is “The Baby in the Bag, A Politically Incorrect Tale.” Absolutely no doubt about that!

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