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The Concert

I am currently in Gothenburg with my wife. We have just been to a concert with the famous Swedish singer Peter J÷back. It was a Christmas concert and it was awesome. Actually, it was probably one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I am saying this, even though I am not a huge fan of this kind of music. Everything was perfect, the sound was excellent, the crowd was excellent, and Peter J÷back did a perfect performance.

Everything Peter J÷back did was perfect, his singing was outstanding and his talking between the songs was perfect. He told us really interesting stories, sometimes sad and sometimes funny. The concert had everything. As I was sitting there, looking at Peter J÷back, listening and feeling impressed, a thought hit me.

Actually, two thoughts.

When a person is really unique, and has a really excellent performance, no matter what topic. He really doesn’t need the marketing. He is the marketing. He only needs to decide when and where to have the concert, and it will be sold out, even though there are no marketing what so ever.

The same happens to some authors. As soon as they have written a new book, it reaches the best seller list. And it happens to a lot of people, in a lot of different niches.

The second thought was related to how to become truly great.

The reason why Peter J÷back is a truly great artist, and the reason why this concert was excellent, is focus. When a person spend close to 100% of his energy to focus on one thing, he will eventually become outstanding. The reason why some people will always be mediocre, is that most of us tend to focus only a very small portion of our energy and time on many topics.

My advice to you.

Find what you enjoy the most, find what you are really good at, focus more of your time and energy on this. That’s how Peter J÷back become a truly great artist, and this is how you can become a truly great marketer (or whatever you want to become).

If you by any chance understand Swedish, you can read a review from the concert.

Listen to his songs on MySpace.

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