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Commission Blueprint and Opt-In Page Secrets

This is part of a series of posts that I am writing related to Commission Blueprint. Be sure to read the other posts as well (this list will be updated as soon as I publish new posts):

I have just read my first report (from the Commission Blueprint course), and it was called Opt-In Page Secrets. It was a pdf document of 20 pages, and I guess you understand what it was all about. Yes, that’s right. It was all about how to create the perfect opt-in page.

But first, what is Commission Blueprint all about? I don’t think that I have answered this question, and that’s probably because I wasn’t really sure before I read the velcome pages (after I logged in).

In as few words as possible.

Commission Blueprint is a really focused (affiliate) marketing strategy on how to become really successful using ClickBank and Google AdWords.

It seems that everything Steven Clayton & Tim Godfrey (the guys behind the course) teaches us is related to affiliate marketing combining ClickBank and Google AdWords. But on the other hand, I have only read the welcome pages and the first report… (I’ll let you know all about it soon).

So, what did I think about Opt-In Page Secrets?

I really really enjoyed every part of it. I have read many reports and ebooks about how to create opt-in pages and how to build lists, but this one was straight to the point. I believe that you actually get everything you need to know in only 20 pages.

There were a few things that I haven’t thought about before (it might be just me); only ever build an email list in a buyer hungry market that has plenty of products to promote on the back end. It sounds fairly obvious, but I hadn’t thought about that one.

They talk about all the important parts, like the headline, creating a sense of urgency, trust and credibility, believability, direct instruction and they even give opt-in page examples with very clear graphics. And I believe that we’ll get the templates as well (but I’ll get to them in a later post).

As a member I got the script to use to create the todays date on the opt-in page. This is what most successful marketers use to always show todays date (very powerful), and I got the over-sized opt-in button (also very powerful). And they teach you exactly how to put your autoresponder code in your opt-in template.

I am asking myself if Commission Blueprint is for newbies or if it’s for people who knows most of the basics of affiliate marketing? At the moment, I am really not sure. But the first report got it all, so you really don’t need to know anything about affiliate marketing to understand what opt-in pages is all about, and at the same time, you’ll get all the powerful stuff.

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