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Why do we want more comments?

I am writing this, as I’m watching the ocean and a beach from the top of a mountain. I’m using a notebook and a real pen, writing, looking at the sea, only listening to birds and the sound of the wind messing with the trees behind me.


When I’m outside the office, I do things a bit differently. Sometimes I end up writing a different kind of love story, and other times I end up thinking about a dream that didn’t happen.

Now, looking at the ocean, without a human being in sight, I’m thinking about blog comments. I have no idea why, but I’m thinking about how important they are, and why we care about them in the first place.

I used to get more comments

I used to get more comments. There are many reasons why I used to get more of them, but one reason is that I don’t have the time to connect with as many people as I used to. I love connecting with people, and I really enjoy reading blogs, but since I started my life as a solopreneur, I have to focus on my clients and the vegetarian festival.

I really enjoy comments on what I write. Lately, I have received some very interesting comments to a post I wrote about the most important part of customer service. Some people didn’t agree with me, and that was great. I probably used a bad example, I do that a lot. But, using a bad example, stirred emotions for some of my readers, and started an interesting conversation.

I have written a post about the 12 best reasons why you should comment on blogs, and as I am writing this, it has 128 comments. That’s not bad. But, why do we want comments? I’m proud of the post, and and I really wanted all the comments, but this is probably the first time I have asked myself the question.

Why do we want comments?

I can think of three reasons why I want comments on my blog posts:

I write about marketing, and personal experiences with my business, and sometimes I write about whatever comes to my mind. But, even though I tell myself that I write because I love to write, I really enjoy the fact that you are reading it. I would probably still be writing if nobody read a single word. But, the more people who are reading it, the easier it is to write. That’s how I feel about it. And, the more feedback I get, no matter if it’s positive feedback or negative feedback, the more I want to write.

The reason I write, it doesn’t have anything to do with trying to be popular, or trying to be successful. But, I believe that it’s in our nature that we enjoy being popular. I’m not talking about being a celebrity or known all across the world. I’m talking about the feeling that some people like you, or like what you’re doing. It’s a feeling of support.

When I write, I’m usually at the office. I create many of my (mental) notes when I’m offline. But, when I’m writing and publishing my posts, I’m usually inside, all alone. I’m thinking about you, and how you’re going to react (emotionally) when you’re reading my story. I want to reach out and talk to you, not just the regular feedback, but I want to get to know you a little better. Writing is a social process, even though it’s something I do when I am all alone.

15 responses to “Why do we want more comments?”

  1. Jens, I’m one of the one who commented on the customer service essay. I really enjoy a little give and take. And I agree with you it is jus easier to write if you know you are going to get some type of reaction, even if it’s not the one you anticipated.

    Plus, comments from readers help guide where the next essay might go. The really interesting part is that when you post off topic (from your blog) you may gain readers you normally would not be aiming for. That’s how I ended up here!

    Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Darrell,

      Thank you so much for returning and happy 4th of July.

      I had a very interesting meeting with Volvo today, it was all about customer service, and I thought about our discussion. It was awesome and I actually referred to it.

      I’ll be writing more about different topics during the summer, and next up is how I get things done with Evernote and some productivity tips 🙂

      Thanks again for your comments Darrell. Have a great day.

  2. I also used to get a lot more comments – but in my case it was because I was a member of a blogging community and the whole idea was to reciprocate – not just syndicating each others posts but commenting as well. It worked great and I often had 25 to 40 comments. The problem was I was spending a ton of time reading and sharing blogs I would not normally read and the same people (bloggers) commented on my blog over and over. After awhile it got old so I just stopped. Now the only blogging group I belong to is Triberr – everyone is fairly good about sharing, not so much when it comes to actually connecting with each other. Too bad because the connection and friendships I forged in the other group is the one thing I do miss.

    • I understand what you’re going through. I miss that too, even though I have connected with several awesome people. Reading, sharing and commenting takes a lot of time. It’s a lot of fun, it sure is and it’s great for building relationships. I just haven’t had the time lately, but hopefully I’ll get back into it soon.

      Thank you so much for the comment Marquita.

  3. What an incredible, beautiful spot you speak of Jens 😉

    We all like someone to listen, whether offline, or online, or when we are blogging. I feel people love receiving comments because it proves somebody is listening, and that we are changing lives, and improving lives too.

    I like writing more than anything else but receiving comments on a consistent basis gives me that little extra boost I need sometimes.


  4. Josh says:

    Hi Jens,

    Summer is often a slower time, but I know exactly what you mean. When I don’t comment on other blogs as often I see things slow down at my blog too.

    It is just one of those things.

  5. Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Jens

    I’ve been spending less time on commenting and like Josh and you, I’ve seen things slow down a little at my blog too in terms of comments.

    I think that’s inevitable though as we get busier and don’t have so much time to connect with lots of people.

    I’ve also curtailed the length of comments so I can get around more blogs!

    My aim was always to visit at least five blogs a day to leave comments and I think that’s probably still achievable and a goal I will work to.

  6. Michelle says:

    What a great post and a great question to ask and explore! This is a question I’ve asked myself more than once but haven’t been sure how to answer. When I first started blogging I had a nice number of followers and comments, but when I moved my blog to another server I have found it difficult to find dedicated followers, consistent readers and people who comment regularly – or at all. I know in part it’s my inconsistent blogging schedule, something I’m working on, but it is nice to have people who want to read what you have to say.

  7. Sourav says:

    Hello Jens,

    The most important reason why I want more comments is that it gives a nice feeling that people are not only reading what I have written, but they are also taking the trouble to share their thoughts and views. And that increases my enthusiasm to write the next post even more.
    And yes, whenever I am more active in commenting on other blogs, my own blog also receives more comment at that time.

  8. Adrienne says:

    Oh man Jens, you have the prettiest places near you. I love when you walk in the woods and show us through your videos and now we get to see the ocean. Even I could work sitting out there.

    But on to the subject at hand, comments. I’m actually always honored when people comment on my posts. We all want people to read what we share and to me when they express themselves in their comments then it all just seems worth it. I love the communication between us and I enjoy getting to know my readers. The relationships I’ve been able to build through the people who have commented on my blog is by far the best experience I’ve had since I started.

    I definitely don’t blog to be popular but when it ends up happening then I’m not going to turn it away either. I know that comments are important to some bloggers while they’re not to others. For me, I just love them. 🙂

    Thanks Jens and I’m glad you’re doing so well but us old faithfuls will keep coming back for more. We can’t help ourselves.

    Have a great weekend.


  9. Aasma says:

    Comments actually tells you that people are reading what your sharing, it actually encourages you a lot to continue working with same passion. It also tells you that your blog is now becoming popular and people love to spend time on your blog.

  10. Jan Koch says:

    Hi Jens,
    I agree with you that bloggers usually want comments because they love interacting with other people – that’s true for me as well.
    Though what I’m noticing is that lots of people are trying to build relationships with other bloggers just to have them comment on their blogs. Then all comments you get are from internet marketers just like you are and most likely not from your real target audience.
    For me, this is a problem. I’d rather have 5 comments from people I don’t know than 20 comments from bloggers who are friends of mine, but comment just because they feel they need to.

    What do you think about this?

    Best regards,

  11. Robert Black says:

    Yes I couldn’t agree more. I like to get comments and I like leaving them. It’s a great opportunity for social interaction, as well as assuring your site visitors that you are a real person. It also gives first time visitors a good indication of the popularity of a blog. And popularity = authority!

  12. Ana Hoffman says:

    I think the lack of comments has been a general trend these days, Jens; I also get a lot fewer of them at Traffic Generation Café than I am used to.

    Of course, I am getting a lot more comments via Google+, so that offsets it a bit.

    On the other hand, I landed on your blog today because you left a comment at Traffic Generation Café, so yes, being more active around the blogosphere does count.

    Enjoy your vacation!

  13. vikram says:

    Hey Berget, I totally agree with you. I also want more comments on my posts. Getting more comments means your post is getting more attention and it’s something that every blogger want. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

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