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Co-Oplists is The latest Internet Marketing Buzz

It started about 30 minutes ago, and it will probably continue throughout the night (at least for me, living in Norway). The brand new system from Internet marketing experts Robert Puddy, Pat Lovell and Brian “Koz” Kosobucki has launched, and affiliates all around the world have started to promote it.

A system from hot shots like the three guys above should be interesting to everybody involved in Internet marketing. I have been looking at the sales page and I can see several benefits from joining:

All the dots above are from the sales page, and you must remember that I have not tested the system and I am not an affiliate.

What I am a little interesting in is the automated part. Is this one of the first systems that can actually automate the sales process 100% for you (or at least close to 100%)? They provide you with all the tools and they provide you with the fresh leads, they even provide you with the report… hmmm, this sounds tempting.

I am not sure, but when the guys above provide you with the four important “ingredients” to online success, I think that you better listen up:

Well, for $29.95 a month, this seems to be a bargain… at least if it works as good as it sounds.

Visit today and take a closer look at what I am talking about.

2 responses to “Co-Oplists is The latest Internet Marketing Buzz”

  1. John Reese says:

    Hey John Reese here.

    We DID in fact add your RSS feed to our initial system to seed all of our categories with feeds so on launch the widget wouldn’t be empty.

    If you want us to remove our feed we can — but most people actually publish an RSS feed so others will syndicate their content like we did with yours. 🙂


  2. Jens says:

    Hi John,

    No, I am actually more than happy that you added my RSS feed and I really don`t hope that you will remove it.

    I just didn`t understand at first why I did get the extra traffic, but I do now 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

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