Clicky Makes Me Feel Like I Am Starting All Over Again

I’ve been blogging for years, and I have believe that I have been evolving, but right now, I’m stuck at exactly where I started. It’s all because of Clicky.

When I started out blogging. I didn’t focus on writing. I didn’t focus on hustling, and I didn’t spend hours a day making my blog into something worth reading. I wanted all the shortcuts, and I wanted to learn blackhat techniques. I wanted to learn methods to get easy traffic. It was all about the numbers. If I just got enough traffic, I would certainly earn money, and that was the whole point of blogging (at least that’s what it felt like at the moment).

Clicky is Google Analytics on Steroids

I have been using Google Analytics for many years. I started using it the day after I launched my blog. I don’t use statistics much, but I have been looking at my stats at least once a month. There are so many advanced features with Google Analytics, and I have written several posts about some of the most interesting features, just take a look at the following posts:

The thing is, I started out looking at Google Analytics and analyzing my traffic every single day. All I ever cared about was improving the traffic to my blog and the bounce rate. I could sit for hours, just looking at the numbers (I have a masters degree in political science, and I’m suppose to love statistics). I got bored with the stats. I wanted to create. I wanted freedom. And I discovered that all I really wanted was to connect with people, learn from them, and teach them what I know. And in the end, it’s all about having fun. To me, statistics isn’t that much fun. Well, until I discovered Clicky.

Clicky Makes Me Sit and Just Stare at the Screen

I’m not kidding. I installed Clicky about a week ago. And the first thing that happened after I started going through the features is that my eyes got stuck watching one word in the menu. The word was SPY. I love the word spy. It’s so… adventurous.

the spy feature at Clicky

Clicky made me click. I love that name too. Clicky. I had no idea what the SPY feature was, but that was the first feature I discovered. And it might be the only feature I need. I was stunned looking at the screen and the information I received from my visitors. I was James Bond in my pyjamas, while my wife and kids were sleeping.

I can watch my visitors in realtime at Clicky

Looking at the screen at Clicky, I got information in real time. I was watching who was visiting my blog. I got information about what posts they where looking at, how many actions they performed (one action is just visiting the post), and how they entered my blog. I watched how they had searched Google to end up at my blog posts. And I even got information from the spy feature at Clicky on how the keywords or phrases ranked at Google. This was amazing. More people kept visiting my site, and every few minutes another person arrived, and I got even more information. Clicky made me stick. I felt like I was glued to my chair. It was like I was a teenager playing Civilization all over again (I used to play all day long, and all night, without eating or sleeping. I just forgot about time completely).

Why the SPY feature at Clicky is Awesome and Addictive

Clicky turned me into a spy. I’m spying. I feel like James Bond. It’s a good feeling. What I discovered with Clicky is that I can do tests in real time. The SPY feature makes me see what people are looking at when they are at my blog. I can see what they’re doing and what they’re not doing. I can add a banner, and I can see if the next visitor to this particular blog post will click on the banner or not. I can add some links, I can add more text, or less text or a new headline or whatever in order to test if people will click (take action). I don’t have to wait another day to get some advanced statistics from Google (I know that Google Analytics is awesome, and that they’ll have real time stats as well, but to me, Clicky makes it a lot easier and a lot more fun).

I have completely forgotten about why I was so interested in watching statistics. Statistics can be a lot of fun, and addictive, and that’s what I rediscovered after I started using Clicky. The problem though, there’s always a problem, is that I’m so fascinated by staring at the spy feature at Clicky, I don’t actually know that I’ll use the statistics for anything, other than watch my visitors enter and exit my posts.

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3 years 1 day ago

I love Google Analytics, it is a free web analytics tool that integrates seamlessly with other Google products.people like me who uses Google Blogger blogging application, it’s incredibly easy to track your blog traffic statistics. Once you register for a free Google account, you can create your tracking code by following very easy onscreen instructions. You’re not limited to a single blog when you use it, you can also track multiple blogs through a single Google account and keep those statistics separate.

executive gifts
3 years 12 days ago

Hi, i actually felt your frustration, most of us try to find an easy money but doesnt realize that it also easily gone by. I really felt your deepest sentiment when you said that t was all about the numbers. If I just got enough traffic, I would certainly earn money, and that was the whole point of blogging. I think that time you missed the point of blogging online, for me it is sharing your opinion to the world, as if you are trying to help the world to answer their question in someway. Blogging for me is the modern world for writer where they can easily publish their thoughts and feeling, share experiences and shout out their sentiments. You are right its not all about creating traffic or earning money but it is the satisfaction that it gives you as a writer.

Heather Smith
3 years 3 months ago

Its a nice tool to use for a blogger, How can I have this application?

3 years 3 months ago

Hi Heather,

Just sign up via the link in the post, and you can start using it for the free trial. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay anything.

3 years 4 months ago

Feedjit is good but I didn’t explore,I just installed the free version on my blog and it shows the time of visit and the vistors country…will like to explore clicky…

3 years 4 months ago

You should try Clicky. It’s completely free for the first 30 days. You can just stop and you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t like it. On the other hand, I bet you’ll be hooked like I am. I’m spending way too much time analysing my visitors :)

Sergio Felix
3 years 4 months ago

Hey Jens,

I agree with you a lot on Clicky even though I don’t have a big amount of traffic on my new blog yet it is much more thorough than Google Analytics and I can pin point with more accuracy what is bring people to the site and what they are doing while on it.

The feature I like a lot is the Big Screen as I can see in big green numbers what is happening and I also just LOVE the Spy feature as you get a lot of data of what the visitors are currently doing in the site on real time.

There are still some functions I still haven’t used yet but looking forward to dabble more with it.

Definitely a must have for anyone who is interested in tracking, statistics and split testing their sites online.


3 years 4 months ago

Hi Sergio,

Yes, you don’t need a lot of traffic to use Clicky. It’s about analyzing what you have, and understanding what your visitors are doing on your site and what you need to do in order to improve your performance. It’s so much easier with Clicky than with GA.