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The Clickbank Pirate Navigation

I wrote a review of Clickbank Pirate about two weeks ago. I think that this system by Soren Jordansen and Cindy Battye is very interesting, and in a series of articles I’ll highlight why.

During the next days, I will at least write three more articles about Clickbank Pirate. As of now, I think that they’ll be:

The Clickbank Pirate Affiliate Toolbox

The Monthly content of Clickbank Pirate

Clickbank Pirate Traffic Training

Today, I’ll give you a brief overview of the navigation, and what’s underneath the menu of Clickbank Pirate and some information regarding what Clickbank Pirate is all about.

But first.

What Clickbank Pirate is

Clickbank Pirate is a 100% automated sales system for top selling Internet Marketing products from the Clickbank marketplace. You get one new product a month. Each product comes with the automated sales system. All you have to do is drive traffic to the squeeze pages.

The sales system consists of a squeeze page with an integrated video and a follow up system. The follow up system sends out emails with your affiliate links. It’s written by professional marketers.

Here are the squeeze pages for:

When it comes to Clickbank pirate,this is the squeeze page. You use it to give away a free report. The system sends out emails in order to provide the information necessary to convince people that the system is awesome. This is the sales page with all the information about the system and the testimonials.

Now, let’s continue with the navigation and what you get access to once you sign up for the system.

The main navigation menu consists of five elements; home, affiliate toolbox, access packages, support and logout.

Home is the front page, where you get access to all the main elements of the navigation. They use a treasure map, you’ll see it below. Affiliate toolbox is where you get everything you need in order to promote Clickbank Pirate, like banners, emails, twitter messages, email signatures, forum signatures, safelist ads, html ads and peel away ads. Access packages is where you find your monthly content. Every month you get a new package (sales system), you find the links to the squeeze page, banners, email ads, twitter messages, blog posts, articles, thank you page ads, 404 error page ads, signatures, banners and a lot more. Support is where you ask questions and find the answers at their knowledgebase. Finally, you can logout of the system.

The first thing you see when you log in, or after you click on home, is the treasure map. It’s placed just below the main navigation menu. The treasure map is really navigation to lots of interesting stuff.

Access packs is the monthly content (as I just explained), affiliate tools is all the tools you need in order to promote Clickbank Pirate (as I just explained). Traffic Training is where you get access to training, tips and instructions about how to drive traffic to your squeeze pages.

Check Booty is where you can find some extra tools. At the moment it’s a report on how to check your Clickbank commissions, and free access to some membership sites (more on this later). Downloads is where you access software, ebooks and systems bought via Clickbank Pirate. My blog is where you set up your own Clickbank Pirate blog. You can use this system to drive more traffic to the squeeze pages. Training Schedule is where you find the details on the weekly training calls, any scheduled calls or webinars.

Free bonuses is where you get access to all the bonuses you received as you signed up, you also get access to several recommended resources like Niches in a box, instant banner creator, and social bookmarking exposed. My referrals is where you find information about how many you have referred, their names and when they joined Clickbank Pirate. Profile is where you enter your contact information and your Clickbank id in order to earn commission from promoting Clickbank Pirate.

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