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Children lured into web of junk food ads

This might not be news to you, but junk food companies are exploiting an industry loophole to target children on the internet. What I didn`t know is that they are using methods which are not allowed in print and broadcast advertising. Methods like claiming products are good for you even if this cannot be proved, while such claims would be banned from television advertising. I really didn`t know that this actually was allowed on websites. Maybe the junk food companies uses servers in different parts of the world? How do they get away with it?

The problem is also that websites are cheap to create, and they remain online for months without repeated fees if like broadcast advertising are used too.

One response to “Children lured into web of junk food ads”

  1. Angelle says:

    Most of the kids really love eating junk foods not knowing that it is harmful to their health. For the parents out there be sure to guide your kids in eating and avoid junk foods is really important.

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