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Chet Holmes With An Interesting Marketing Twist

Chet Holmes is the author behind The Ultimate Sales Machine, and at the moment he is doing something interesting. He is using his marketing skills to help promote his daughter Amanda Holmes. She is a great singer, and as any father would do, he wants to help her any way he can.

Now, Chet Holmes is a professional marketer, and that’s the way he is helping her.

Just take a look at Chet and Amanda Holmes, and you’ll see why “everybody’s talking about” Chet and Amanda.

Chet Holmes is using his book to promote his daughters career, and because this is a fairly new approach to Internet marketing, I bet that both Chet and Amanda will benefit from this.

I wish I had a dad like that when I was launching my… well, that was probably the problem, I never had any skills that I could launch. I played basketball for a few years, but even if my dad would have been Michael Jordan, I would probably never have played for anything but the local team.


Amanda Holmes is a great singer, and Chet Holmes is a great marketer, together they are a great team and I am looking forward to see Amanda Holmes at the billboard music charts.

The only problem is; people might say that it was all thanks to dad. All singers needs someone to help with the marketing, it shouldn’t be any different when your dad is a famous marketer.

You should check out Chat and Amanda Holmes, even if you don’t care much about music, because there are some great examples of how you should promote anything online.

What do you think about Amanda Holmes, is she going to make it?

4 responses to “Chet Holmes With An Interesting Marketing Twist”

  1. Tim says:

    That’s kinda scary though, if many start to do that all you need is a virus that installs in the blog jet folder and bam it’s un known 😉

  2. Jens says:

    Hi Tim

    Yes, why did I tell you that 🙂

    Hopefully, this won’t happen. But I have thought about asking the antivirus company to have a look at the software.

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