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Cheerios Can Help Your Creativity

Did you know that a bowl of honey nut Cheerios can turn your creativity on? Or that the Cheerios box, with all the colors and images can make you start to think about cool things?


Image: I Love Cheerios by Her Royal Jilliness’

I am not sure about the Cheerios nutrtion, and I am actually not sure about who invented Cheerios, but I know this; they are doing a great job when it comes to marketing.

You might think that I need to take a deep dive into the history of Cheerios and to write about how they have been marketing Cheerios for the past 50 years or so, but I really don’t.

I am only talking about my own experience, and why I think that I can learn something from them. Maybe not by eating Cheerios, but by visiting their website.

Think of it, what is Cheerios really?

It’s something you eat. You eat it for breakfast or any other meal, basically, food is all it is. Now, how do you turn something like Cheerios into something “larger” than food?

Well, they are telling their visitors that Cheerios is for everybody. Not just kids.

Cheerios is for parents, kids, families and adults… hmmm, but what about teenagers?

They are using their site to tell us the stories of people who love cheerios and why they love it. They are showing pictures of cute kids with Cheerios cereal in their hair, on their face and everywhere… they are showing families, and sharing stories of people who with some sort of love for their product.

They are doing what Apple have been doing for years. They are turning the focus away from their product and over to the people who are using their product. They are saying stuff like Diana from Houston:

My heart attack changed my life in many ways. Healthier habits became a priority. I believe that women are good at sharing with other women. And I?ve found that sharing my experience with other women has helped many friends seek better, healthier lifestyles, too.

She is not saying anything about Cheerios. Did Cheerios help her life become better, is it because of Cheerios that she has a healthier lifestyle?

What about Lynn from Morgan, saying:

Healthy living to me means a balanced diet that fuels a regular routine of physical exercise of indoor and outdoor activities, a job, socializing, and sleep, which is supported by a strong spiritual and family relationships.  It doesn’t sound easy, but it something I live by!

I guess healthy living means she is eating Cheerios, even though it doesn’t say that anywhere.

Smiling faces and healthy people helps a lot when it comes to selling a product.

Now, forget about all the eating part and the healthy part of Cheerios for a second.

What can you do with a box of Cheerios, you get 10 minutes and you are not going to eat it. Be creative…

I have five things that you could do:

What do you think, do you have any alternatives?

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  1. Marc Blasi says:

    They really are good for the whole family. How well you market your products will determine how people perceive it. By using consumers of that product to advertise then it will definitely make a larger impact on potential consumers.

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