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Check Your Google Rank Weekly

I almost never check my Page Rank (PR) anymore. I used to be more or less obsessed about it, but not anymore. I continue to watch all the various Google panda and penguin updates, but I’ve lost interest in the PR. It’s probably because it doesn’t provide me with a lot of details, to me it’s more or less just a number, and it isn’t updated that often, so it’s a little hard to follow the progress.

How my keywords rank in Google

What I do care about is how I rank for keywords in Google. I check my rank every week, and sometimes more often. It seems that I can see an increase or a decrease on a daily basis. And, you probably already know how important Google is for your business, right? Most of my visitors and customers are coming to my website via Google. That’s how important it is.

I have created a short video, where I’ll show you how I use Long Tail Pro (the software I use for keyword research), to check how I rank for two keywords. I use the keywords OptinSkin (the wordpress plugin I am using to get more subscribers and to get people to share my posts) and Long Tail Pro as examples to show you exactly how I do it. You can use various free services to check how you rank for keywords in Google, and it really doesn’t matter how you check it, but I highly recommend that you do focus on it.

I have some important keywords, and I want to rank among the top 5 on Google. That’s the keywords I have researched and found to be the most important keywords for my business. That’s how I get targeted traffic. I keep checking the rank for them every week, and if they’re not among the top 5, I will take action, and maybe I’ll use social bookmarking (or other methods), to help them get to the top.

Watch the video and see how I use Long Tail Pro to check the rank for two keywords:

I have talked about how important research is for niche marketing, and that I am currently not involved in any niche. But, to me, it doesn’t matter if you’re involved in a niche or not. Checking the rank for your keywords are still very important in order to help you get the targeted traffic you are looking for.

Let’s discuss.

Are you checking how your most important keywords rank in Google on a regular basis?

Update: I have received four tips from Harleena on how you can check your rank for free.

There are many wordpress seo plugins, both free and paid version. I highly recommend that you start focusing on SEO when you blog.

50 responses to “Check Your Google Rank Weekly”

  1. Nice topic of discussion Jens!

    I have also never really bothered about the PR rank as it fluctuates so much, so does the Alexea ranking etc. I guess these are just numbers mainly that shift up and down, more-so when the Google updates come up, though it does disturb some people a great deal. Perhaps those are the real professionals and into heavy marketing or other business.

    But yes, I do check my keyword ranking in Google, though I use various other 2-3 free tools for doing so and try to rank them better each week too. However, I have often noticed my posts even rank on the first page of Google for different keywords than the ones I have used, so that makes me happier too. And those very keywords can again be used to create different content the next time.

    I loved the video, especially the cartoon intro in the beginning, and yes, I know you discussed about Long Tail Pro earlier too, and am glad you are liking and making full use of it.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,

      I’d love to get the links to your free tools. I can add them to this post, if you don’t mind 🙂

      I only started checking my rank after I bought Long Tail Pro, it made it so easy, and since I am using this software every day, I also keep reminding myself to check the rankings.

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

  2. Denise says:

    I know most website owners who are really monitoring their Google ranking more often so they could easily determine if they need to be aggressive on the link building part of their strategy. However, for some site owners, this can be a very addicting routine for them.

  3. Sure Jens!

    I use a combination of these tools –

    1- – Though you need Firefox for this one.

    2- – This also helps a great deal.

    3- Rank Reporter plugin and Wassup Keyword plugin in WordPress.

    Try them out and hope they help 🙂

  4. Becca says:

    I used to check the status of my keyword to google. If the keyword not on the page 1
    i do other way to put it on google page 1.
    I will follow your ways to put my keyword on top5. thanks Jens.

    • Thanks a lot Becca. It’s so important that we keep hustling to get our important keywords to the top 5. That’s the way we drive highly targeted traffic to our sites.

  5. Thanks a lot for the feedback, and for the link to your tool.

    I will take a closer look at it 🙂

  6. Bill Dorman says:

    When you check rank, can you tell where they are coming from? Can you distinguish from first timers and frequent visitors?

    • When you check the rank, you can only see your rank in Google. That means that you can only see which spot you are at on Google for your keyword. For instance, if I searched for “marketing mix” using Google. I can see where I am at in the search engine results page (serp), so when other people search they’ll see my site/post at the same spot. That’s why I am so eager to be among the top 5 for targeted keyowrds that are searched for a lot.

      But, if you’re using Google Analytics or Clicky (or any other type of analytics service to measure your statistics), you can tell where they are coming from and distinguish from first timers and frequent visitors. But, they’ll have to click on the link in Google in order for you to track them.

      I hope this makes sense 🙂

  7. Aasma says:

    Well, I’m currently using free version of “Rank Tracker” tool, I too check my keywords on weekly basis. I’ve few friends who are too much addicted to check their keywords on daily basis. 🙂

  8. Carolyn says:

    Hi Jens, I have checked my Google Page Rank, but it’s firmly at 3, even though I’m linked at least weekly from The Philadelphia Inquirer (PR 8). I would have thought that would have increased my Page Rank, but it hasn’t so far.

    I don’t worry too much about keywords. Perhaps I should, but I really just write for my readers because I want to tell them about great tech!

    Thanks for letting us know about this, Jens. Really great article.

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I’m not sure how often Google is updating the PR, but that’s my experience with the PR that it takes a long time to see any results of the hard work we put in. But, I’m sure you’ll receive a 4 next time they update.

      I believe that doing keyword research is very important, and I am also writing for my readers to get them interested in marketing, but it’s a lot easier when you’ll get targeted visitors via Google. For instance, I have five keywords that I have targeted, and I continue to use various marketing methods to keep them at the top 5 in Google. This way I’ll always be receiving visitors from people who are searching for them 🙂

      I love this kind of traffic 🙂

      • Carolyn says:

        I know you’re right. I will try to pay more attention because I like that kind of traffic too!

        • You could start with one keyword, and try to rank high for it. I don’t have many myself. At the moment I’m trying my best to rank 5 keywords that are related to my site, I might try more in the future, but it takes time to do the research and build the links etc..

  9. Andreas Pazer says:

    I know most website owners who are really monitoring their Google ranking more often so they could easily determine if they need to be aggressive on the link building part of their strategy. However, for some site owners, this can be a very addicting routine for them.

    • Hey Andreas,

      I guess it’s the same with statistics. Some look at the webstats every hour, while others do it once a month. I believe that something in between, like once a week, is the best option. This way you can do something extra if you feel things are not going your way.

      Thanks a lot for the comment 🙂

  10. Joseph Hipolito says:

    Hi Jens, you have a great rank #3. Nice sir.. keep it up..

  11. Frederic Gonzalo says:

    Well, I sure am glad I came upon this blog post. I just asked that very question in a chat group yesterday, puzzled by the fact my PageRank was stuck at zero ever since its inception about a year ago, then suddenly got a PR4 this week. Sure, I have been doing some guest posts on Social Media Today and Business 2 Community over the past couple of weeks, and have been a lot more focused with my blog efforts since the beginning of 2012. But going from 0 to 4 in a flash?
    Having said that, the answers I received yesterday in the chat group were along the lines of this post: it’s more important to track keyword ranking, rather than page ranking. And by reading the comments above, I see this seems to be a unanimous advice. So cheers to you all, and I now know what to do…

    • Hi Frederic,

      That’s just it. I got tired of waiting for things to happen with the PR, and it seems that nobody actually knows what’s going on with it and when things change. And waiting for many months to get an update, that doesn’t work for me. So, instead of caring about the PR, I’m doing my best to use keywords instead. With keywords you can get real targeted traffic, and you can see the results in a matter of hours. And if you do it right, and keep checking your ranking, you can get “free” traffic from them for many years.

  12. John Currie says:

    I totally agree with Jens that page rank is irrelevant. I have quite a few sites that have pr 3 and pr 4 yet I battle to get these on the front page of Google.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks a lot for the feedback.

      Are you checking the ranks of your keywords in Google every week?

      • John Currie says:

        Jens, I do indeed,especially since this latest penguin update. Some of my sites have really tanked. Actually at this stage I am thinking of abandoning some projects an just moving on to new ones.

        To fix or not to fix? That is the question….

        • It’s hard to understand what we should be doing after the penguin update. Sometimes it’s easier to abandon a project instead of spending a lot of hours to fix it. I guess it all depends on the project and what methods you used when you created it/marketed it.

          I’m actually having a difficult time understanding the importance of link building (and negative seo) after the latest penguin update. But I’ll keep reading 🙂

  13. Carol Lynn says:

    Interesting stuff. I actually don’t really check my Google rankings. I have done so for a few keywords in the past but I don’t really get a lot of traffic from search engines. Most of my traffic is referrals and links so I haven’t spent a lot of time worrying about Google. I will say, I just started using Scribe (from Copyblogger) because I want to see if a “smart tool” will help me get more search traffic. I just started so I don’t know how well it works. I have a heard a lot of good things about Long Tail Pro, too. I guess I’d like to get traffic from Google – I’ll get it anywhere I can! But referrals are my bread and butter at the moment, and a good referral is worth a hundred search listings!

    • I have tested Scribe, and I really liked it. I got some great results from it. The only reason I stopped using it, was that it was too expensive for me. And that’s why I bought Long Tail Pro instead. It’s a one time fee (and you get all the future updates included), and it’s no limits on anything. You can have as many campaigns or keywords as you’d like.

      I completely agree about referrals, but how are you getting it, are they affiliates of your products? I get most of my traffic from Google.

  14. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jens,

    I have to say that your video was fantastic, short sweet and straight to the point. The intro was outstanding, its the first time I’ve ever seen one like it and I was instantly impressed 🙂

    I’m also one that doesn’t check my Google ranking. I have done in the past and have had nice surprises but I don’t checked it o a regular basis. I find there’s so much to do that I focus on the things on I have to do first and it’s only when I come across posts that point out why I should that I do…… Maybe its time I did again eh? 🙂

    Thanks Jens,


    • Hi Barry,

      Wow. Coming from you, that’s an honor. I am still very new to creating videos, but I’m trying to create a few every month. This way I’ll learn a lot and eventually I’ll get better at it.

      I highly recommend that you check your most important keywords once a week. It doesn’t take a lot of time, I don’t spend more than 3 minutes on it. It happens with just a push of a button 🙂

  15. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jens,

    My PR keeps going up again and I had a blogging friend tell me not to worry about that because all that means is that some of the people who visit my site are now using Alexa so that’s why it’s fluctuating so much. I don’t approve spammy comments so I know that’s not an issues and we both know I’m very consistent with my content.

    So, I love that this program can check where you are ranking on the search engines so easily. I think you’ve got me sold on it now. I haven’t jumped on board yet only because I like to purchase products when I need them right then. I already know what my keywords are for my next post as well but it never hurts to keep up with how I’m doing right!

    Thanks for showing this to us Jens. It does look so much easier to use the Marketing Samuri.


    • Hi Adrienne,

      I have completely stopped looking at my PR. If it gets any higher, that would be great, but to me, how my most important keywords are ranking are so much more important.

      Long Tail Pro has been fantastic to me. And I’m sure that Market Samurai is just as good, or maybe even better, but LTP is really fast, and it does everything I need, and I really like the fact that I’m logged into Google AdWords while I’m doing my search. This means that I can rely on the results.

      Let me know if you have any questions. I’m still playing around with it every single day 🙂

  16. Mike Jones says:

    It is really good post. I want check my Google account every day have any way ?

    • You can check your stats every day, but I don’t see the point. You won’t see the big picture if you do it that often. You might see that it’s increasing or decreasing, but a few days later it might be the other way around 🙂

  17. Rizwan Sultan says:

    Hey Jens,

    Checking Google ranking is great idea I mostly check it on weekly basis.This PR update didn’t give up to my sites it’s worst case.

    • I’m still waiting to see what’s going to happen to my site after the penguin update. Right now, I’m seeing a drop in traffic, but I hope it’s not temporary 🙂

      • Rizwan Sultan says:

        Many Blogger face penguin effect on their blogs specially a drop of traffics and I hope so it’s not permanent.

        • Yes, me too. I have seen a little drop in traffic.. and I’m not sure if it’s the penguin effect or not, but I am doing my best to keep the quality of content up and building backlinks.

  18. Paul says:

    Good article Jens. I think the penguin update will be a bonus for anyone that has an ethical, white hat approach to seo. If the content is of high enough quality and there is enough of it googlebot will play nice but if anyone has a website that has been involved in buying a million links for a penny or anything similar then it’s probably time to park the domain and start again. One thing that no one in seo blogging circles seems to mention is domain authority and page authority. I think these have far more weight than PR these days. I use SEOMOZ and it has been brilliant. I’m probably going to take up the Long Tail Pro for our site as it will probably fill a space that I have in our keyword strategy.

    P.S. Great blog 😎

    • Hi Paul,

      I absolutely agree about domain authority and page authority, and I’m using SEOMOZ as well, and combining it with Long Tail Pro. What I do with Long Tail Pro that I haven’t been able to do with SEOMOZ is to find all the highly targeted keywords. SEOMOZ is awesome to analyze sites, and keywords, but I haven’t been able to find as many new keywords as I have by using Long Tail Pro.

  19. Brain says:

    Google keyword ranking is important for any website. The given concept of weekly keyword checking is really good to know about keyword progress. Google panda and penguin are affected to keyword position but it is possible to recover ranking through quality SEO tricks.

    • Hi Brain,

      Absolutely. I have been experimenting a lot with keywords lately, a lot is happening with the latest Google updates, but I believe that a weekly check is still enough to get the big picture 🙂

  20. Adam says:

    Hey Jens,

    Thanks for the video. I track my keywords manually, i.e. go to Google (logged out of G+) and search. Long tail pro looks a lot easier!

    I’ve been considering some different SEO tools, and I will definitely check out LT Pro now.

    • Hey Adam,

      I have been tracking my keywords manually as well. But, now that I’ve been using Long Tail Pro instead, I realize how much time it took to do everything manually. You can get the same results, but it’s so much harder to do it (and sometimes it feels like it takes forever to get the results).

      Let me know if you have any questions about Long Tail Pro (or keyword research).

  21. I have used many tools for keyword research like SEMrush and Kgen but I think Google ad word tool is the best tool to do keyword research.

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