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Is This The Cheapest MLM Opportunity?

There are hundreds or maybe thousands of multi-level marketing companies, all with income opportunities that sort of guarantees you success. The guarantee is mostly for failure, as very few will be earning a profit or a fulltime income with multi-level marketing company. I don´t know many people who are earning an income from MLM, but I know a few, and there are for sure a possibility that you can do it as well. But this post is really not about how to become successful in MLM, there are so many ways to do it and not to do it… that should probably be a post in a short while.

I have actually just woke up, and one of my first thoughts were “what MLM company is the cheapest income opportunity?” I am not thinking about what sort of company provides the best income opportunity, because then a lot of people would have disagreed with me, because “everybody” thinks that their MLM company is the best opportunity.

Why am I looking for the cheapest MLM opportunity? Well, I have been looking at the business for about six years now, and the prices to join and how much you would have to pay a monthly for an MLM varies a lot. I have seen companies where you have to pay several hundred dollars a month just to be a member, and you would have to pay for marketing as well. No matter how great that income opportunity and product / service is, you would have to spend a lot of money each month just to be a member.

With a very cheap MLM opportunity, you could focus most of your money on the marketing. It´s close to impossible to become successful without any real efforts on marketing. You can do it offline or online, but eventually it will cost you money if you are trying to make it as a fulltime income opportunity.

So, if you consider only the initial price and monthly costs you have to pay to be a member of an Multi-level marketing opportunity, what is the cheapest opportunity? My answer is Global Domains International (GDI), it costs only $10 a month and no signup fee (as far as I can remember). I haven´t seen any opportunity cheaper than that. Well, I have seen a few that seems to be completely free, but when you read the small print it says that you have to buy all sorts of stuff during your membership and in order to earn money.

Some companies are completely free to join and you get a free membership, but you would have to signup for an autoship of some of their products in order for you to earn any money. I think this is what all the various health companies are doing, so you might say it is a free membership… but I am not considering it free. What I am considering the costs is “how much do you have to pay a month in order for you to earn money?” GDI is the cheapest I know of.

6 responses to “Is This The Cheapest MLM Opportunity?”

  1. Milena says:

    Hey there! Your post really resonated with me… I’m shocked by how much money people invest into MLMs themselves. The one that I’ve joined is just $15/year. Granted, it targets a very small audience (natural herbal extracts), but I find the company and the MLM “scheme” to be very honest! Great site btw

  2. stevejamie says:

    This is interesting, post more often!

  3. Aaron Lane says:

    Amway is the cheapest and most successful. An initial investment of $62.00 to become and independent business owner.
    Not only that but if you buy from your own store(same products you always buy anyway such as toothpaste, shampoo, MOTOROIL!!! etc.) there is potential to save upwards of and beyond $2,000.00 a year. Find six and help them grow and sponsor and reach platinum which is about $40,000.00+ a year. 33 BILLION+ have been paid out in bonus checks. To me, it’s a no-brainer. I work with a group called World Wide Dream Builders and we are contracted with Amway. I have even more good news so let me know if you want to hear more.

    ~Aaron Lane

  4. Sorin says:

    From what I know Amway products are of very good quality but the prices are huge.
    I don’t know how you make money using them.
    GDI is good if you like to sell the money opportunity and you consider good to get a domain and a webhosting for 10$.
    A domain with no cpanel and were you cannot host other websites.
    A .ws domain price is 14.99/yr at namecheap, and they ask you to pay 10$ a month, every month so you can have one of this (as long as you pay you have it).
    I cannot join a MLM that does not give me value products for the money, not just marketing for the business.
    I’ve been GDI member for 1 month and a few days.
    When I wanted to cancel the membership, I had to call in USA.

  5. I am currently with Organo Gold, whose products I LOVE (6 weeks, 1 distributor, 0 sales, including Google PPC). I am not looking forward to excruciatingly slow progress. Today I found a highly rated company that is JUST $12 monthly and includes 2 products. That’s it. 6 across (personally sponsored), 7 deep. If we each get 3 I can live on it! Company has LOW attrition rate (drop outs)

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