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Changing Your Autoresponder E-mails Will Effect Your Subscribers

I am using Aweber to send out my newsletter, and like a lot of people I have a series of messages that is sent out automatically to my subscribers. From the picture below, you can see that I have 14 messages as I am writing this. They are being sent out with apx. 7 days between each of them.


Today I started to think about changing some of the messages and even move some of them. For instance, one of my “most important” messages are being sent to my subscribers 50 days or so after they signed up for the newsletter. I have realized that this message should have been sent out a lot earlier, maybe even the first week or so. But if I move it to day 10 or so, many of my current subscribers will never see it. This is because they are past day 10, and are closing in on day 50.

By removing some messages and moving some, I realized that I not only have to think about which messages to keep and where I should place them in the order they are being sent out, but I have to rethink the importance of messages that I believe all of my subscribers should read.

The only way that I can get the messages that I moving from day 50 to day 10 (just an example) read by people past day 10 in my newsletter series, is to use the broadcast option at aweber. This way I can send the message directly to them, but I will need a pretty advanced filter so it won´t be sent to everybody.

Just a warning to you if you are thinking about restructuring your autoresponder messages. It wasn´t as easy as I thought it would be.

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