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A CEO Made My Day

I wasn´t suppose to write this post, at first I thought I was just going to put it as a comment, but here I go. The reason I changed my mind was that I got so excited to get an e-mail from Zachary Schenkler, the President & Co-Founder of

The reason I received the e-mail was that my verification code didn´t work, so I sent them an e-mail about that for about four days ago. I didn´t expect to get a reply, so I was really happy when I got it and saw that it was from the CEO himself and that they had fixed the problem. I couldn´t be happier. This is a message to all you CEO´s out there reading this post (probably not that many), you should really send e-mails to your customers.

Your company could have done a lot of mistakes, and I could be on my way to cancel my account, but if I get a message from the CEO of your company, I would probably stay with you for another year or so 🙂 The reason is simple, it tells me that the CEO really cares and that he wants us to get the proper respect and customer support. It´s probably only one thing when it comes to customer satisfaction that makes me even happier, and that´s when the CEO posts a comment on my blog.

So, if you haven´t joined Ojeez yet, you might want to do it now. It seems that their CEO is a man you can trust… well, at least when it comes to taking care of verification codes gone wrong. So far, they have more than 6200 members, and seems to be getting more and more signups every single day. I am really looking forward to see what will happen when they launch, their preview site looks awesome.

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