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Categories and my new project

The logo is ready and the design is almost ready. Today I have started with the categories. If you want the update, it goes something like this: I am about to launch a new project, it´s going to be an online marketing directory where everybody can post their ads regarding online marketing. It will probably launch sometime during the middle of February.

I am considering two options when it comes to categories. The first option is that I do it generally, I create categories like Travel, Computers, Automobiles, Flowers and so on… sort of everything that I can think of that people will be promoting online. The second option is that I create categories that is only related to online marketing. For instance, Search Engine Optimization, Lead generation, List building and more. At the moment I want the first option, because I think that this will be interesting to more people. And all the categories (the second option) will be subcategories in one of the main categories in the first option (did you understand this?).

This is not easy at all. When I first launch it, I can´t go back and create the categories all over. So I better get it right the first time. Well, I can create new ones but I probably shouldn´t delete old categories with ads in them, then someone might get a little upset 🙂

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  1. Tim Linden says:

    You are either a leader or a follower 😉

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