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The Cat And The Loud Cry

It’s early in the morning, about 5 am. I’m freezing. I see the porch still covered with snow. I hear sounds, in the snow, nearby, then, scratching.

I’m at the kitchen. I look outside, it’s the cat. This time he’s by the window. It comes as no surprise, since he’s here every single day. Outside, never inside. He’s looking for food. I’m feeding him. Every single day.

This has been going on for 6 months.

I’ve been feeding him, although my wife said I should stop. She continues. “If you don’t stop, he will never go back home.” My response, every single time, has been that he doesn’t have a home. My wife doesn’t agree, she’s always asking the same question, “how do you know?” Well, I just know. I’m looking at her, as she loudly replies, “If you continue this, I don’t know what I’ll do, I can’t stand it!”

The problem is that I don’t know. He might have a home.

I’m creating my own story.

I enjoy the company, therefore, my story fits my world and my happiness. It always does.

The same goes for marketing.

Companies will provide stories for their products, and they’ll tell people the stories by using advertisements. Sometimes we enjoy the stories, and we buy the products. Remember the AXE effect, the boom chika wah wah, the effect this deodarant has on women or the diet coke break, the effect this soda has on women?

But sometimes the story changes.

The really cool sweater, the one you think is amazing, it’s only amazing until a person you dislike wears one.

That’s true isn’t it?

I remember a day at work, when I had a brand new and fairly cool sweater on. I thought it was cool, well, until I saw one of the females wearing an identical one. What do you think I did with my sweater? What do you think the woman did with hers (yes, she saw me wearing it)? I know, it’s funny.


Close your eyes, think about a brand you just love. Now, with your eyes still closed. Think about reading the headline in tomorrows newspaper.You’re discovering that they’re using child labor. Yes, this happened with IKEA a while ago. Do you still love the brand and will you continue to shop at IKEA?

Sure you will, but the story did change.

The cat is still scratching, waiting for the food to arrive. I’m there, I can see the smile, the excitement, and how he’s enjoying my company. He’s my friend and I can hear the sound of his comfort.

But, suddenly, I can hear a sound behind me. At 5 am.

It’s the sound of footsteps, and, a loud cry. Just then, without turning, I can feel that my story is about to change.

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