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Carnival of Marketing

I am hosting the next Carnival of Marketing. It will be published on December 11th. You can send me links to your article now. Send it using this form.

The other carnivals of marketing can be located at

The following rules apply:
1. Don’t submit an old post. The post needs to be from at least the past couple of weeks, and preference will be given to posts from the past week.

2. Submit posts that are actionable. Tips that people can actually apply will almost always win out over abstract stuff. “How” beats “Why”.

3. Submit posts that are complete. As a corellary to the above, posts that refer out to articles or other sites for more information, or that have anything to the effect of “Watch this space for more information” are going to be among the first to be cut.

4. Don’t submit posts that are nothing more than a pitch. It’s possible to sell subtlely within a good, actionable post (see the Joe Vitale example above). But a couple of the submissions were basically an ad for the company’s product. An occasional post like that may work in the context of your blog, but if you think it’s a good idea to submit that for a carnival, you’ve definitely got a thing or two to learn about marketing via blogs.

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